Borg - The Meaning of Jesus

Marcus J. Borg and N.T. Wright - The Meaning of Jesus - two visions

Marcus J. Borg and N.T. Wright - The Meaning of Jesus: two visions

The Leading Liberal and Conservative Jesus Scholars Present the Heart of the Historical Jesus Debate. Marcus J. Borg and N.T. Wright.
Здесь параллельно излагаются взгляды (в дискуссии) Райта и Борга по различным вопросам.

part i. how do we know about jesus?

1. Seeing Jesus: Sources, Lenses, and Method by Marcus Borg
2. Knowing Jesus: Faith and History by N. T. Wright


part ii. what did jesus do and teach?

3. The Mission and Message of Jesus by N. T. Wright
4. Jesus Before and After Easter: Jewish Mystic and Christian Messiah by Marcus Borg


part iii. the death of jesus

5. Why Was Jesus Killed? by Marcus Borg
6. The Crux of Faith by N. T. Wright


part iv. "god raised jesus from the dead”

7. The Transforming Reality of the Bodily Resurrection by N. T. Wright
8. The Truth of Easter by Marcus Borg


part v. was jesus god?

9. Jesus and God by Marcus Borg
10. The Divinity of Jesus by N. T. Wright


part vi. the birth of jesus

11. Born of a Virgin? by N. T. Wright
12. The Meaning of the Birth Stories by Marcus Borg


part vii. "he will come again in glory”

13. The Second Coming Then and Now by Marcus Borg
14. The Future of Jesus by N. T. Wright


part viii. jesus and the christian life

15. The Truth of the Gospel and Christian Living by N. T. Wright
16. A Vision of the Christian Life by Marcus Borg


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