Gardner - The flight of Peter Fromm

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The flight of Peter Fromm - Martin Gardner

"This is a novel of ideas disguised as the biography of a young man from a Pentecostal fundamentalist background in Oklahoma, who explores his faith while a student at the University of Chicago Divinity School. His spiritual odyssey is narrated by his mentor, a professor at the divinity school - who is actually a humanist who believes neither in God nor in an afterlife. Although Peter never abandons his theism or his admiration for Jesus, he reaches a point where he feels it would be hypocritical to remain within the church and to become the evangelist he had hoped to be. The counterpoint between Peter and the narrator reflects the eternal conflict between theism and atheism. In following the changes of Peter's beliefs, almost every aspect of Protestant theology and ethics is explored. The evolution of Peter's faith parallels the evolution of Christian theology, from the day of Pentecost to contemporary liberal theology."

Gardner, Martin. The flight of Peter Fromm

2. edition, 1994
Originally published by William Kaufmann, 1973.  ISBN 0-87975-911-9

The flight of Peter Fromm

Мартин Гарднер (Martin Gardner)(1914 — 2010) - американский математик, писатель, популяризатор науки. Опубликовал более 70 книг. Особую популярность снискали статьи и книги Гарднера по занимательной математике («Математические головоломки и развлечения», «Крестики-нолики», «Математические чудеса и тайны» и др.). Он известен также как автор нескольких фантастических рассказов, комментатор Льюиса Кэрролла («Алисы в Стране чудес», «Алисы в Зазеркалье» и «Охоты на Снарка») и Г. К. Честертона («Человека, который был четвергом» и «Неведения отца Брауна»).

Part I: Before the War

1. Peter 7
2. Pentecostal Power 18
3. The Invisible Hand 28
4. The Guiding Fiction 36
5. Gray Towers 42
6. The Mustard Seed of Doubt 48
7. Chesterton 60
8. Angelina 66
9. The Flames of Hell 73
10. Karl Barth 84
11. Situation Ethics 92
12. Room X 99
13. Marx 105
14. Lois 116

Part II: The War

15. Boots and Sparks 127
16. USS Montgomery 138
17. The Ship Becomes a She 151
18. Mothballs 160

Part III: After the War

19. Electronic Machine 175
20. The Molecules of Jesus 184
21. Martha 192
22. Between the Horns 201
23. Disenchantment and Diamonds 209
24. The Unknown Tongue 218
25. First Draft 223
26. Come and See 229
27. Knockout 233
28. The Secret of Easter 243
29. Aphasia 254
30. The City of Saint Francis 262


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