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The Biblical Qumran Scrolls
This collection presents all the Hebrew biblical manuscripts recovered during the years 1947-1956 from the eleven caves in the vicinity of Khirbet Qumran. It provides the reader with the oldest and most authentic witnesses to the texts of the Scriptures as they circulated in Jerusalem and surrounding regions toward the end of the Second Temple period. These manuscripts antedate by a millennium previously available Hebrew manuscripts and illustrate the character of the Scriptures to which nascent Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism were heir.
The transcription of each of the identifiable fragments, together with the textual variants it contains, is presented in consecutive biblical order. As in the Discoveries in the Judaean Desert (DJD) series, 'biblical' is understood in the sense of the traditional Masoretic canon of the Hebrew Bible. That is, only Qumran Hebrew manuscripts of the twenty-four books of the Masoretic Text (MT) are included, whether written in the Palaeo-Hebrew or the Jewish ('square') script.
Not included are manuscripts found at other sites near the Dead Sea; 4Q('Reworked')Pentateuch or other books which may have been considered Scripture such as Jubilees, 1 Enoch, or Sirach; recently identified small fragments which do not add in a major way to our knowledge; quotations in nonbiblical scrolls; or translations of biblical books into Greek or Aramaic, for example, the Septuagint manuscript of Leviticus (4QLXXLeva) or the Targum of Job (HQtgJob).
The purpose of this collection is to provide a handy compendium of all the biblical Qumran scrolls. Considered essential were the texts with their significant variants; much other valuable information could not be included. The transcriptions and variants are for the most part identical to those in the editiones principes published in DJD volume 1 (Cave 1); volume 3 (Caves 2-3, 5-10); volume 4 (llQPsa); volumes 9, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 (Cave 4); volume 23 (Cave 11); and volume 32 (Cave 1 Isaiah). Several other scrolls which had been published separately, such as HQpaleoLev3, are also presented in a format similar to that of DJD. Some revisions, however, have been introduced. Transcriptions have occasionally been revised to make necessary corrections or to provide useful context. The variants have often been either augmented to standardize for this collection or revised to simplify or to delete lengthy explanations too technical for a handy collection.
For those who seek more information or more precision, the more detailed DJD volumes may supply what is required. The editiones principes offer detailed intro­ductions to each manuscript, explanatory notes from examination of the manuscripts in the museum on readings which involve difficulty, and nuanced analysis of certain variants or reconstructions. As important as this information is, inclusion here would vitiate the purpose of the volume as a manageable compendium.
This volume provides the reader with a transcription of the remains of the ancient biblical texts that survived the two intervening millennia, and an indication of how they compare with each other and with the traditional biblical manuscripts transmitted to us through the Middle Ages.
Eugene Ulrich
Chief Editor, Qumran Biblical Scrolls
University of Notre Dame November 2008

The Biblical Qumran Scrolls - Eugene Ulrich - Библейские свитки из Кумрана

Издательство: BRILL
Год издания: 2010 г
Язык: English, Hebrew, Greek

В этом издании представлен весь текст ТаНаХа (Ветхого Завета), который находится в древних свитках Мертвого моря. В этом издании представлены свитки который были найдены в 11 пещерах Кумрана. Приводится транскрипция каждого фрагмента текста, а также текстовые варианты из масоретского текста, септуагинты, таргумов. Свитки Кумрана являются самыми древними свидетелями древнего текста книг Ветхого Завета. С момента открытия в 1947 году и до 1956 года было найдено около 900 свитков различной степени сохранности, в основном написанные на пергаменте, но также и на папирусе.


The Biblical Qumran Scrolls - Eugene Ulrich - Библейские свитки из Кумрана - Содержание

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  • Genesis
  • Exodus    
  • Leviticus 
  • Numbers  
  • Deuteronomy
  • Joshua  
  • Judges
  • Samuel 
  • Kings  
  • Isaiah: lQIsaiah a
  • Isaiah: Fragments 
  • Jeremiah  
  • Ezekiel  
  • Twelve Minor Prophets 
  • Psalms: Fragments   
  • Psalms: l l Q P s a l m s a
  • Job    
  • Proverbs                         
  • Ruth     
  • Canticles
  • Qoheleth  
  • Lamentations  
  • Daniel
  • Ezra
  • Chronicles     
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