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Marcus J. Borg and N.T. Wright - The Meaning of Jesus - two visions
This book has grown out of a friendship. We first met in 1984, after Tom Wright had read Marcus Borg’s book Conflict, Holiness, and Politics in the Teachings of Jesus. As Tom has described elsewhere, he found this book exciting and illuminating, and he sought out Marcus to congratulate him as well as to explore some “matters arising” and to ask why the book had ended as it did rather than in certain other possible ways.

Since our friendship thus grew out of the fascinated study of Jesus within his historical context, it is appropriate that it should give birth, some fourteen years later, to a book in which we put down some markers indicating where the conversation has led. During this period, we both have published several books and articles, many of them about Jesus. It is impossible in a work of the present size to rehearse all the arguments and to set out all the documentation, which are the normal requirements of scholarship. The main lines of most of what we here summarize have been set out and argued for in these other works, though at various points we both go beyond what we have said elsewhere, not least as a result of our own continuing dialogue.

Our personal stories are both interestingly similar and interestingly different. Marcus Borg grew up in a traditional and conventional Midwest Lutheran church, Tom Wright in a traditional and conventional Anglican one in the north of England. Marcus found increasing difficulties with his tradition in his teens and twenties, though he never lost his fascination with its central figure, and through that he has come back into a lively and active Christian faith. Tom, at the equivalent period of his life, found the tradition coming alive in fresh ways through some fairly un-Anglican styles of spirituality,
though he never lost his instinctive rootings in the liturgical life of the church, and he has faced the predictable challenges that arise through the study of history and philosophy. Both of us went to Oxford University, and both, though at different times, ended up studying under the late Professor George B. Caird; our indebtedness to him has been recorded elsewhere. Marcus, however, continued to pursue the study of Jesus, whereas Tom at that stage focused almost entirely on Paul, coming to the historical study of Jesus in the late 1970s.

Marcus J. Borg and N.T. Wright - The Meaning of Jesus: two visions

HarperCollins, 1999. - 290 p.
ISBN 978-0-06-193481-0
The Leading Liberal and Conservative Jesus Scholars Present the Heart of the Historical Jesus Debate. Marcus J. Borg and N.T. Wright.
Здесь параллельно излагаются взгляды (в дискуссии) Райта и Борга по различным вопросам.

Marcus J. Borg and N.T. Wright - The Meaning of Jesus: two visions - Contents

Part I. How Do We Know about Jesus?
  • 1. Seeing Jesus: Sources, Lenses, and Method (Marcus Borg)
  • 2. Knowing Jesus: Faith and History (N. T. Wright)
Part II. What Did Jesus Do and Teach?
  • 3. The Mission and Message of Jesus (N. T. Wright))
  • 4. Jesus Before and After Easter: Jewish Mystic and Christian Messiah (Marcus Borg)
Part III.The Death of Jesus
  • 5. Why Was Jesus Killed? (Marcus Borg)
  • 6. The Crux of Faith (N. T. Wright)
Part IV. “God Raised Jesus From the Dead”
  • 7. The Transforming Reality of the Bodily Resurrection (N. T. Wright)
  • 8. The Truth of Easter (Marcus Borg))
Part V. Was Jesus God?)
  • 9. Jesus and God (Marcus Borg)
  • 10. The Divinity of Jesus (N. T. Wright)
Part VI. The Birth of Jesus
  • 11. Born of a Virgin? (N. T. Wright)
  • 12. The Meaning of the Birth Stories (Marcus Borg)
Part VII. “He Will Come Again in Glory”
  • 13. The Second Coming Then and Now (Marcus Borg)
  • 14. The Future of Jesus (N. T. Wright)
Part VIII. Jesus and the Christian Life
  • 15. The Truth of the Gospel and Christian Living (N. T. Wright)
  • 16. A Vision of the Christian Life (Marcus Borg)
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