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"John Piper, it turns out, has done us all awonderful favor. In writing the critique that invited this response, he has given Bishop Wright the opportunityto clearly, directly, passionately and concisely summarize many of the key the mesofhis still - in-process yet already historic scholarly and pastoral project.
Wright shows - convincingly - how the comprehensi veview of Paul, Romans, justification, Jesus, and the Christian life and mission that he has helped articulate embraces 'both the truths the Reformerswere eager to set forth and also the truthswhich, in their eagerness, they sidelined.
Eavesdropping on this conversation will help readers who are new to Wright get into the main themes ofhis work and the important conversation ofwhich it is a part. And it will giveWright's critics a clearer sense than ever ofwhat theyare rejectingwhen theycling to their cherished old wineskins ofconventional thought."
BRIAN McLAREN, author ofA GenerousOrthodoxy

Wright N. T. - Justification - God's Plan and Paul's Vision

IVP Academic, 2009
ISBN 978-0-8308-3863-9

Wright N. T. - Justification - God's Plan and Paul's Vision - Contents

1 What's All This About, and Why Does It Matter?
2 Rules of Engagement
3 First-CenturyJudaism: Covenant, LawandLawcourt
4 Justification: Definitionsand Puzzles
5 Galatians
6 Interlude: Philippians, Corinthians, Ephesians
7 Romans
8 Conclusion
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Wright N. T. - Justification - God's Plan and Paul's Vision - What's All This About, and Why Does It Matter?

IMAGINE A FRIEND COMING to stay who, through some accident ofeducation, had never been told that the earth goes round the sun.
As part ofa happy evening's conversation, you take it uponyourself to explain how the planetary system works. Yes, from wherewe stand it does ofcourse seem that the sun circles around us. But this is merely the effect ofourperspective. All thatwe now knowofastronomy confirms that the earth on which we live, in companywith a few other similar planets, is in fact revolving around the sun. Youget out books, charts and diagrams, and even rearrange objects on the coffee table to make thepoint.Your friend alternatesbetween incredulity, fascination, momentary alarm and puzzlement.
Eventuallyyou smile, have another drinkand head for bed.
Very early in the morning, while it is still dark, there is a tap at the bedroomdoor. He isup and dressedandinvites you to come for an early walk. He takes you up the hill to apointwhere the whole countryside is spread out before you, and, as the skybegins to lighten, you can justsee,
far offto the east, the glisteningocean. He returns to the subject of the previous night. Somanywise people ofold have spoke nofthe earth asthe solid-fixed point on whichwe stand. Didn't one ofthe psalms say something about the sun celebrating as it goes round and round, like a
stronggiant runninga race?

Райт Н.Т. Оправдание: Божий план и взгляд Павла

Широко обсуждаемая и дискутируемая (Дж. Пайпер, Д. Карсон) работа Райта относительно оправдания: одного из центральных положений христианской веры.

Wright N. T. - Justification

WHEN I HEARD ABOUT  John Piper's book The Future of Justification: A Response to N T. Wright, I was torn between two reflections. On the one hand, as they say, the actor doesn't mind whether he's playing the hero or the villain as long as it's his name on the boardoutside the theater. On theo therhand, there is adanger that if people type cast you as the villain the image may stick and you won't get any other parts.

So, despite my initial reluctance to get drawn into the details of debate when I am really far too busy with other things, I eventually decided that an initial responsewas called for.


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