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ἀγαθίς 1
ἀγαθίς, -ίδος 1.
Grammatical information: f.
Meaning: `ball of thread' (Pherekyd.).
Origin: XX \[etym. unknown\]
Etymology: No etym. Cf. «ἀγαθίς 2».
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ἀγαθίς 2
ἀγαθίς, -ίδος 2.
Meaning: = σησαμίς H.; σησαμίς = σησαμῆ `a mixture of sesam seeds, roasted and pounded with honey', an Athenian delicacy given to guests at a wedding. Note the expression ἀγαθῶν ἀγαθίδες `quantities of goods'.
Origin: PG \[a word of Pre-Greek origin\]X \[probably\]
Etymology: Belardi Ric. lingu. 4 (1959) 196 compared γάθια. ἀλλάντια H. (s. «ἀλλᾶς»). If correct, Pre-Greek. Cf. «γήθυον».
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Grammatical information: adj.
Meaning: `good' (Il.).
Other forms: ἀκαθόν· ἀγαθόν H.; χάσιος· χρηστός H. Dor. χάϊος `noble, good' (ᾱ)
Dialectal forms: Cypr. ἀζαθος must prob. be read ἀγαθος, Egetmeyer, Kadmos 32 (1993) 145-155.
Origin: IE \[Indo-European\]X \[probably\], LW \[loanword\]X\[probably\] \[413\]
Etymology: Uncertain. On the one hand, one compares Germ. forms, Goth. goÞs, NHG gut, MLG gaden `fit' etc., further OCS godьnъ `pleasant', goditi `be pleasant', Russ. gódnyj `useful'. (Not with Skt. gadh- `to take, seize', gádhyā- `booty' which would have given *(ἀ)καθος). Crim. Goth. gadeltha `pulchrum'. The words must have a\/ā (long ō is morphologically excluded; Slavic cannot have h₂). Considered as a European substratum word by Beekes KZ 109 (1996). - Recently the word is analysed as *mǵh₂-dh₁-os `made great' (Panagl FS Strunk (1995)), which is semantically not convincing; or `whose deeds are great' Ruijgh 1991, FS Bartoněk, which is also semantically unconvincing. - If the variants are reliable, it could be Pre-Greek.
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