Данн - Dunn - Jews and Christians - Евреи и Христиане

Jews and Christians - James D. G. Dunn
The papers which follow were first delivered at the second Durham-Tubingen Research Symposium on Earliest Christianity and Judaism, which met at the University of Durham in September 1989.
The first symposium had met the previous year in Tubingen and focused on an earlier stage of the relationship between earliest Christianity and Judaism, "Paulus, Missionar und Theologe, und das antike Judentum", the papers of which have already been published in the same series/.The first symposium commemorated the 50th anniversary of the great Tubingen theologian, Adolf Schlatter, 1852-1938. It was equally fitting that the second should honour the memory of one of the greatest scholars of earliest Christian texts, the Bishop of Durham, Joseph Barber Lightfoot, 1828-89, meeting as it did on the centenary of his death.

It is particularly appropriate that the spirit of Lightfoot should have presided over a joint Durham-Tubingen research symposium and on the subject of why and when earliest Christianity became something different from the Judaism of the same period. For Lightfoot's scholarly work had been very largely dominated by his ongoing debate with F. C. Baur and the Tubingen school. And the main theme of their debate was very close to the theme of the 1989 symposium.

Jews and Christians - James D. G. Dunn - Джеймс Данн - Евреи и Христиане

The Parting of the Ways  A.D. 70 to 135  edited by  James D. G. Dunn 
The Second Durham-Tubingen Research Symposium  on Earliest Christianity and Judaism  (Durham, September, 1989)
1989. - 404 p.

ISBN 0-8028-4498- 7

James D. G. Dunn - Jews and Christians - Contents

  • Preface 
  • "The Parting of the Ways" from the Perspective of Rabbinic Judaism
  • PHILIP S. ALEXANDER - Diaspora Reactions to the Destruction of the Temple
  • MARTIN GOODMAN - The Septuagint as a Collection of Writings Claimed by Christians: Justin and the Church Fathers before Origen
  • MARTIN HENGEL - Syncretistic Features in Jewish and Jewish-Christian Baptism Movements
  • HERMANN LICHTENBERGER - Matthew's Christology and the Parting of the Ways
  • GRAHAM N. STANTON - A note on the textual evidence for the omission of Matthew 9:34
  • J. NEVILLE BIRDSALL - "In Him was Life": John's Gospel and the Parting of the Ways
  • JOHN MCHUGH - The Understanding of Christ in the Pauline School: A Sketch
  • PETER STUHLMACHER - The Question of Anti-semitism in the New Testament Writings of the Period
  • JAMES D. G. DUNN  - The Parting of the Ways: The Evidence of Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic and Mystical Material
  • CHRISTOPHER ROWLAND - The Parting of the Ways: Eschatology and Messianic Hope
  • ANDREW CHESTER - Jewish-Christian Relations in Barnabas and Justin Martyr
  • WILLIAM HORBURY - Problems of the Clementine Literature
  • J. NEVILLE BIRDSALL - Concluding Summary and Postscript 
  • List of Contributors
  • Indexes


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