Gorman - Romans

Gorman - Romans
This commentary has been prepared especially for pastors, students, and laypeople who want a careful exposition of Paul’s letter to the Romans that stresses its theological content and considers its spiritual and pastoral implications for today. (Of course, I hope that biblical scholars and theologians will benefit from it as well.) This focus does not mean we will ignore the original message of Paul to his first audience. It simply means that I engage Romans as Christian Scripture.
“These things were written also for our sake” is Paul’s basic principle for interpreting Scripture, and he would expect us to follow it in reading his own letters now that they are part of the Christian Bible.11 read, teach, and write about Romans as a Protestant Christian who has spent the last thirty years in a Catholic seminary that also has an ecumenical graduate school, in an ecumenical home Bible study, and in Methodist churches as a teacher of adults. In each place, we have studied Romans as a letter to and for us.
Furthermore, designating this commentary as “theological and pastoral” means, for me, that these two aspects are inextricably related, even hyphenated (theological-pastoral), because Paul is a pastoral theologian. Romans is a project of what Scot McKnight calls “lived theology.”2 Paul writes not merely about thinking Christianly but about living Christianly.

Michael J. Gorman - Romans: A Theological and Pastoral Commentary

William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2022. - 516 pp.
ISBN 978-0-8028-7762-8

Michael J. Gorman - Romans: A Theological and Pastoral Commentary - Contents

Acknowledgments List of Abbreviations
Introducing Paul
Approaching Paul
Paul’s Life and Ministry
Sources for Pauls Life and Theology
A General Chronology
From Persecutor to Apostle
Paul the Letter-Writer
Paul’s Theology and Spirituality
Human Condition, Divine Response
The Death and Resurrection of Jesus
Jesus as Lord and the Gift of the Spirit
Human Response to the Gospel
Paul's Spirituality
Reflections and Questions for the Introduction to Paul
Spiritual, Pastoral, and Theological Reflections
Questions for Those Who Read, Teach, and Preach
For Further Reading
Highly Accessible Books
Midlevel Books
More Technical Works
Introducing Romans
The Story behind the Letter
Reasons for Romans
This Commentary’s Approach
The Shape of the Letter
Themes in Romans
The Gospels Challenge to Imperial Values
The Genre of Romans
The Letters Structure
The Story within the Letter
The Story as a Whole
Participation in Christ in Romans
Gods Peace, Gods Justice
The Story in Front of the Letter
Romans and the Mission of the Church
Romans and Ecumenical Relations
Romans and Interfaith Relations: The Two-Ways Interpretation
A Note about Two Key Terms: Church and Believers Summary
Reflections and Questions for the Introduction to Romans
Spiritual, Pastoral, and Theological Reflections
Questions for Those Who Read, Teach, and Preach
For Further Reading and Study
Highly Accessible Commentaries and Books
Midlevel Commentaries and Books
Technical Commentaries and Books
Commentary with Reflections and Questions
1:1-17 Opening and Theme: The Gospel of God’s Son, Power, and Justice for the Salvation of All
1:18-4:25 God’s Faithful, Merciful, and Just Response to Human Sin
5:1-8:39 The Character of Justification by Faith: Righteousness and Reconciliation; Liberation and Life
9:1 -11:36 God’s Faithfulness and Mercy and the Future of Israel
12:1-15:13 Faithful Living before the Faithful God: Cruciform Holiness and Hospitality
15:14-33 Paul’s Mission and God’s Plan
16:1-27 Closing


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