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Thayer - Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament - словарь BibleQuote
Α, α, ἄλφα
τό, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, opening the series which the letter ω closes. Hence the expression ἐγώ εἰμι τὸ A [L T Tr WH ἄλφα] καὶ τὸ Ω [Ὦ L WH], Rev. 1:8, 11 Rec., which is explained by the appended words ἡ ἀρχὴ καὶ τὸ τέλος, 21:6, and by the further addition ὁ πρῶτος καὶ ὁ ἔσχατος, 22:13. On the meaning of the phrase cf. Rev. 11:17; Is. 41:4; 44:6; 48:12; [esp. B. D. Am. ed. p. 73]. A, when prefixed to words as an inseparable syllable, is
1. privative (στερητικόν), like the Lat. in-, the Eng. un-, giving a negative sense to the word to which it is prefixed, as ἀβαρής; or signifying what is contrary to it, as ἄτιμος, ἀτιμόω; before vowels generally ἀν-, as ἀναίτιος.
2. copulative (ἀθροιστικόν), akin to the particle ἅμα [cf. Curtius § 598], indicating community and fellowship, as in ἀδελφός, ἀκόλουθος. Hence it is
3. intensive (ἐπιτατικόν), strengthening the force of terms, like the Lat. con in composition; as ἀτενίζω fr. ἀτενής [yet cf. W. 100 (95)]. This use, however, is doubted or denied now by many [e. g. Lob. Path. Element. i. 34 sq.]. Cf. Kühner i. 741, § 339 Anm. 5; [Jelf § 342 δ]; Bttm. Gram. § 120 Anm. 11; [Donaldson, Gram. p. 334; New Crat. §§ 185, 213; L. and S. s. v.].*
indecl. prop. name (ὁ Ἀαρών, -ῶνος in Joseph.), אַהֲרֹן (fr. the unused Hebr. radical אָהֵר,—Syr. ܐܰܗܻܝܪܳܐ libidinosus, lascivus,—[enlightened, Fürst; acc. to Dietrich wealthy, or fluent, like אוֹמָר], acc. to Philo, de ebriet. § 32, fr. הַר mountain and equiv. to ὀρεινός), Aaron, the brother of Moses, the first high-priest of the Israelites and the head of the whole sacerdotal order: Lk. 1:5; Acts 7:40; Heb. 5:4; 7:11; 9:4.*
indecl., אֲבַדּוֹן,
1. ruin, destruction, (fr. אָבַד to perish), Job 31:12.
2. the place of destruction i. q. Orcus, joined with שְׁאוֹל, Job 26:6; Prov. 15:11.
3. as a proper name it is given to the angel-prince of the infernal regions, the minister of death and author of havoc on earth, and is rendered in Greek by Ἀπολλύων Destroyer, Rev. 9:11.*

Thayer - Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament - словарь BibleQuote

A Greek-English Lexicon of The New Testament
Joseph Henry Thayer
A Greek-English Lexicon of The New Testament being Grimm’s Wilke’s Clavis Novi Testamenti
Translated Revised and Enlarged by Joseph Henry Thayer, D.D. Hon. Litt.D. Dublin
Bussey Professor of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation in The Divinity School of Harvard University
New York - Cincinnati - Chicago
American Book Company
Copyright, 1889, by HARPER & BROTHERS
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