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Этика пола в трудах Маймонида - Рознер
Новые переводы для клуба Эсхатос - Маймонид - Трактат о сожительстве
Moses, son of Maimon (Rambam in Hebrew, Abu Imran Musa Ibn Maimun in Arabic and Maimonides in Greek) was born in Cordova, Spain, on March 30, 1135, which corresponds to Passover eve of the Hebrew year 4895. His ancestry could be traced back to the royal house of King David of Israel. Maimonides’ mother died in childbirth and consequently his father Dayan (judge) Maimon raised him.
Persecution by the Almohades, a fanatical group from North Africa, forced the Maimon family to flee Cordova in the year 1148. Maimonides was thirteen years old. The family wandered through southern Spain and northern Africa for the next ten years and finally settled in Fez, Morocco, in 1158. Little is known of Maimonides’ early life and medical education. It is likely that he studied medicine in Morocco, since in his book of drugs (which we will soon describe), Maimonides refers over one hundred times to medical men of the west and extreme west (i.e., Mohammedan) but only rarely alludes to Spanish or Andalusian physicians.
Furthermore, at the end of the book on asthma, Maimonides cites two physicians who were acquaintances of his and who practiced medicine in Fez. Maimonides must have been an avid reader, since his medical writings show a profound knowledge of Greek and Moslem medical works. Hippocrates, Galen and Aristotle were his Greek medical inspirations and Rhazes of Persia, A1 Farabi of Turkey, Ibn Zuhr and Avenzoar are Moslem authors frequently quoted by Maimonides. The Maimon family left Morocco in 1165, traveled to Palestine, where they landed in Acco, and from there to Egypt, where they settled in Fostat (old Cairo).
Maimonides turned to medicine as a livelihood only after the death of his father in 1166 and the death of his brother in a shipwreck shortly thereafter. Maimonides was left with his brother’s wife and children to support and, after a year’s illness following his father’s death, entered into the practice of medicine. In 1174, at age thirty-nine, he was appointed court physician to Vizier Alfadhal, Regent of Egypt during the absence of the Sultan, Saladin the Great, who was fighting in the Crusades in Palestine. It was at this time that Richard the Lion- Hearted, also fighting in the Crusades, is reported to have invited Maimonides to become his personal physician, an offer which Maimonides declined.

Fred Rosner - Sex Ethics in the Writings of Moses Maimonides - Фред Рознер - Сексуальная этика в трудах Маймонида

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Rosner, Fred.
Originally published : New York : Bloch Pub. Co., 1974.
1994 y. / 142 p.
ISBN 978-1-56821-323-1

Fred Rosner - Sex Ethics in the Writings of Moses Maimonides - Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Bibliography of Maimonides’ Treatise on Cohabitation
  • Maimonides’ Treatise on Cohabitation
Excerpts on Sex from Maimonides’ Other Writings
  • Treatise on Hemorrhoids
  • Treatise on the Regimen of Health
  • Commentary on the Aphorisms of Hippocrates
  • Treatise on Asthma
  • Medical Answers (Responsa)
  • Mishneh Torah
  • Medical Aphorisms
  • Guide for the Perplexed
  • Book of Holiness
  • Book of Women
  • Commentary on the Mishnah
  • Index

Fred Rosner - Sex Ethics in the Writings of Moses Maimonides - Maimonides' Treatise on Cohabitation

Chapter 1. Thus speaks Moses, the son of the Lord’s Servant, the Israelite from Cordova: the Revered Master, may G’d make his glory eternal, has commanded me to instruct him in a regimen that is helpful in increasing sexual potential, because he said that he has a weakness in this regard, coupled with this Servant’s observing leanness of the Master’s body and diminution of his flesh to the point that he approaches emaciation. In addition, his (natural) constitution tends somewhat toward heat. He mentioned to me—may his glory increase—that he would not abandon any part of his sexual activities. Indeed, he wishes this regimen because of fear, due to the meagerness of his body.
He desires these increases (in coital activities) because of the multitude of young maidens. He further requests—may the Lord make his glory eternal—that I only mention in this regimen that which is easy to carry out and whose performance is pleasant. And the Servant (Maimonides) looked into the matter that was impressed upon him and saw (appropriate) to select medications and foods which are beneficial for this, which are abundant, whose consumption is customary in this country, and which do not predominantly heat (the body), since this was mentioned as the condition of his (natural) constitution.

Фред Рознер - Сексуальная этика  в трудах Маймонида - Маймонид - Трактат о сожительстве

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Трактат о сожительстве Моисея Маймонида был написан по просьбе аль-Малик аль Муцаффар бен Айуба, султана Хамата, Сирия, с 1186 по 1191 год н.э. и племянника Саладдина Великого из Египта. Аль-Малик умер в 1192 году, и поэтому представляется разумным предположить, что этот трактат был написан в 1190 или 1191 году, что делает его одним из первых, если не первым, медицинским письмом Маймонида.
В первой из десяти глав Маймонид описывает причину написания этого трактата, а именно просьбу султана, который хочет увеличить свой сексуальный потенциал и активность. Как и в некоторых других своих медицинских работах, Маймонид начинает трактат, вознося хвалу Султану, которого он называет «Уважаемый Господин, да сделает Б-г его славу вечной». Трактат заканчивается еще одним красочным выражением похвалы. Суть книги состоит в основном из рецептов продуктов и лекарств, которые по своему действию являются афродизиаком. Также подробно описаны анафродизиаки. Маймонид советует умеренность в сексуальной активности и описывает физиологию сексуальных темпераментов.
Кроме того, многочисленные высказывания о сексе и половых отношениях встречаются в других медицинских трудах Маймонида, а также в его философских и богословских трудах. Такие соответствующие отрывки приводятся в настоящей работе. Кроме того, представлен новый английский перевод аутентичного трактата Маймонида О сожительстве.


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