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John Dominic Crossan, Sarah Sexton Crossan - Resurrecting Easter
Resurrecting Easter is a debate about ideas and images or, better, a debate about ideas presented in and by images. It is a tour through thought and theology, an expedition across geographical space and historical time, and, finally, a passage from religious tradition to human evolution. It concerns a struggle between two visions of Christ’s Resurrection, studies a conflict between two images of Easter’s icon, and asks what is here at stake both inside and outside Christianity. This is how the problem unfolds.
The major events in Christ’s life and therefore the major feasts in the church’s liturgy—from the Annunciation to the Ascension—are described in Gospel stories and so can be depicted in any medium. Biblical artists illustrate visually and creatively what they read verbally and traditionally. That is why, despite brilliance in artistic imagination and genius in technical invention, those images remain easily recognizable across the centuries by those who know either the Gospel story or art history.
We just mentioned “Annunciation to Ascension,” but there is one exception in that overall sequence, one event in the life of Christ that is never described in any Gospel story. Furthermore, this is not some minor happening, but the most important and climactic one of them all. This is the moment of Christ’s Resurrection as it is actually happening. This—unlike all other Gospel events—is never described in itself. But if it is never described in the text, how can it ever be depicted in an image?

John Dominic Crossan, Sarah Sexton Crossan - Resurrecting Easter

Harper One, Harper Collins, 2018
Print ISBN: 978-0-06-243418-0
Digital Edition February 2018 ISBN 978-0-06-243420-3

John Dominic Crossan, Sarah Sexton Crossan - Resurrecting Easter - Contents

  • PROLOGUE: A Tale of Two Visions
  • CHAPTER 1: Travels in the Realms of Gold
  • CHAPTER 2: “The Guards Told Everything That Had Happened”
  • CHAPTER 3: “The Cave of the Anastasis”
  • CHAPTER 4: “He Did Not Rise Alone”
  • CHAPTER 5: “So That Posterity Might Be Amazed by the Lavishness”
  • CHAPTER 6: “The Anastasis, the Joy of the World”
  • CHAPTER 7: “Rise Up, O Lord; Do Not Forget the Oppressed”
  • CHAPTER 8: “From the Holy Mountain”
  • CHAPTER 9: “Let Now the Angelic Choir of Heaven Exult”
  • CHAPTER 10: “The Victory of So Great a King”
  • CHAPTER 11: “O Dwellers in the Dust, Awake and Sing for Joy!”
  • CHAPTER 12: “Declared Son of God with Power by the Resurrection of the Dead Ones”
  • CHAPTER 13: “So Hope for a Great Sea-Change”
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