Hilary Evans - Robert Bartholomew - Outbreak - The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior

Hilary Evans and Robert E. Bartholomew - Outbreak - The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior
Social behavior is what people do collectively, either in groups or as individuals conforming to cultural patterns. It becomes extraordinary when it is so far at variance with contemporary mainstream standards of what is normal, rational or real, that labels such as “irrational” and “abnormal” come to seem appropriate. While such judgments are ultimately subjective, there must be a consensus view that the behavior is exaggerated, either in its expectations, its fears, or its response to the given circumstances. So it is when a community panics at attacks by a “phantom slasher” or hopefully awaits a rich “cargo” from the skies which will be brought to them in flying machines; so it is when members of a religious group fall into convulsions and act as though possessed by demons; so it is when articulate citizens insist they are being visited by extraterrestrial aliens or that their penises are being stolen.
These incidents do not occur in isolation. The historical context is essential if we are to understand the event. From medieval witch-hunts, dance frenzies and millen- narist manias, to more contemporary episodes involving invading Martians in New Jersey, laughing manias in Uganda, and rumors of worldwide Satanist conspiracies, there is a general awareness of such occurrences, yet a widespread ignorance as to their frequency and nature. Everyone knows of stigmata, yet most are unaware that there are many hundreds of verified cases on record. When religious images were reported to be moving their eyes in 20rh century Ireland, few related these marvels to meticulously-documented incidents of just the same kind in Italy two centuries earlier. When an American housewife claims to have been taken on board an extraterrestrial spacecraft, she too is following generations of other-world abductees. Before we judge the murderer who insists that “God made me do it,” it is useful to know that he is part of a long tradition which seeks divine authority for deeds and misdeeds that are all-too-human.
The social context, too, is vital. Many individual episodes - that of the “devils” of Loudun, for example — have been thoroughly documented and widely discussed, yet rarely in the light of their time and their place. Often they are treated as one-of-a-kind occurrences, when in fact similar outbreaks were taking place throughout Western Europe, and for reasons which relate to the overall Zeitgeist as much as to local circumstances.
Many events have drawn a brief flurry of media interest, only to be largely forgotten: the remarkable career of “Sir William Courtenay,” for example. Some categories have attracted wide popular attention - notably witchcraft and Satanism, both of which have generated a copious literature, much of it of questionable value if not downright fallacious. Others, such as convulsionaries or slasher panics, are little known except to specialist researchers. Valuable studies have been made of some categories such as suicide clusters or mass psychogenic disorders, but there has been no comprehensive survey of these extraordinary social behaviors, still less a comparative study that not only sets one outbreak alongside another, but also sets both in their historical and cultural context.

Hilary Evans and Robert E. Bartholomew - Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior

San Antonio, TX: Anomalist Books, 2009. – 788 p.
ISBN: 1933665254

Hilary Evans and Robert E. Bartholomew - Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior – Contents

Foreword Benigno Aguirre. Ph.D.
  • Abdera Outbreak of Prose and Poetry - Adamites (Nudity Sect) - Alien Abduction Beliefs - Altered States of Consciousness - American Invasion of Canada - American Revivalism - Amou Barking Mania - Amsterdam Outbreak - Anabaptists - Andree Balloon Mania - Animal Noises, Epidemics of - Anxiety Hysteria - Assassins, Order of - Assembly Line Hysteria - Asteroid Panic - Aurora End-of-the-World Panic - Auxonne Possession Outbreak
  • Band Bus Hysteria - Band Mystery Illness - Barking-Off Squirrels Fad - Batavia Shipwreck - Battered Wife Syndrome - BBC Ghostwatch Scare - BBC Radio Hoax - Bekhterev, Vladimir Mikhailovich - Bequette, Bill - Berserk School - Bezpopovtzy Sect - Bird Flu Pandemic Scare - Blackthorn Barking Mania - Boarding School Fire Pandemonium - Boxer Rising - Brandenburg Mass Possession - Brechin Running and Jumping Fits - Brigand Great Fear - British Military Fainting Epidemics - Brooklyn Bridge Panic - Buffalo Martian Scares - Bus Bedlam
  • California Choral Collapse - California Telephone Illness - Cambrai Convent Outbreak - Cargo “Cults’ - Castration. Voluntary - Cat Girls of India - Cat Massacres, Great - Catholic Scare - Cattle Mutilations - Cevennes Prophets - Chemistry Lab Mystery Illness - Chemtrails - Child Abduction Panic - Child-Eating Scare - Children’s Crusades - Chilean Martian Panic - Chinese Needle Scare - Chinon Demonic Possession Outbreak - Cholera Panic - Christian Conversion Syndrome - Chupacabra Scare - Clay Eating Epidemic - Coca-Cola Scare - Collective Anxiety Attacks - Congo Witch Massacre - Copycat Behavior - Conspiracy Theories - Convent Hysteria - Coughing Orphans - Crazes - Cyber Ghost Scare
  • Dance Frenzies - Dancing Mania - De Martino, Ernesto - Defense Industry Suicide Cluster - Demon Possession - Derby School Fits - Doughiteli Strangelers - Doukhobors - Drunk Driving Hysteria
  • Ecuador Martian Panic - Edison Star Sightings - Enthusiasm Episodes - Epidemic of LSD Hallucinations - Extraterrestrial Tsunami Panic - Evil Spirit School
  • Facilitated Communication Mania - Factory Fainting Fits - Factory Hysteria Sweeps USA - Fads - Fainting Factory Workers - Fainting Football Cheerleaders - Fainting French Factory Girls - Fainting Vietnamese Schoolgirls - False Memory Syndrome - Familiarity - Fantasy-Prone People - Fashions - Fatima Solar Phenomenon - Feather Tickling Fad - Females and Mass Hysteria - Fibromyalgia - Filo Cargo Cult - Florida Land Boom - Florida War Scare - Flying Saucer, Origin of - Forced Marriage Syndrome - Frankie Avalon Mania - Fraternity Orders - Friedeberg Outbreak - Fumigation Hysteria
  • Garrotting Scares - Genital Shrinking Scares - Genital Vanishing Scares - Genocide Hysteria - Ghost Attacks - Ghost Dance (Native American) - Ghost Rocket Scare - Glossolalia, Contagious - Goblin Attacks - Goldfish Swallowing Fad - Great American Airship Wave - Greek Telephone Panic Attacks - Gulf War Syndrome
  • Halifax Disaster - Halifax Perfume Scare - Halifax Slasher - Halleys Comet Scare - Hammersmith Ghost Scare - Handsome Lake Sect (Native American) - Headhunting Scares - Hindu Milk Miracle - Hoorn Orphanage Possession - Hula-Hoop Fad - Hurricane Katrina Social Chaos - Husband Poisoning Mania - Hysteria - Hysterical Anorexia - Hysterical Blackouts - Hysterical Boredom - Hysterical Schoolgirls at Qawa - Hysterical Schoolgirls in Nepal
  • Images that Move, Weep, and Bleed - Incense Hysteria - India ET Scare and Riot - India Witch Scare - Iraq National Guard Mutiny - Iraq Prison Abuse Affair - Irradiated Mail Scare - Irvingites - Islamic Ecstatic Sects - Islamic Symbols Over Malaysia - Italian Fatigue Outbreak - Itching and Rash Frenzies
  • Jaca Possession Festival - Jewish Conversion Syndrome - Jumpers - Jumping Frenchmen of Maine
  • Kentorff Outbreak - Kentucky Fainting Outbreak - Kissing Bug Scare - Klikuschestvo Shouting Mania - Kokomo Hum - Koln Outbreak of Erotic Convulsions
  • Landes Outbreak - Laughing Epidemics - Lille Outbreak - London Earthquake Panic - London End-of-the-World Scare - London Monster Social Panics - London Monster Scare, The - Loudun Outbreak of Possessed Nuns - Louisiana Twitching Epidemic - Lourdes Visionaries - Louviers Outbreak - Lunar Influence - Lycanthropy - Lyonesse Believers (“Holy John” Sect) - Lyon/Saint-Etienne Demonic Outbreak
  • Mackay, Charles - Mad Cow Scares - Mad Gasser of Botetourt - Mad Gasser of Mattoon - Madrid Outbreak - Maine Factory Malady - Maliovanny Affair - Mangzo Cargo “Cult” - Marching Band Hysteria - Mars Earthquake Panic - Mass Hysteria - Mass Hysteria in Work Settings - Mass Hysteria in Schools - Mass Hysteria Synonyms - Mass Suicide Cults - Massachusetts Choral Mayhem - Masturbation Delusion - Maynard Experiment - Melbourne Airport Mystery Illness - Melin, Arthur Spud - Mercury Bomb Doomsday Scare - Merphos Poisoning Scare - Methodist Revival - Milan Outbreak - Milan Poisoning Scare - Millerite End-of-the-World Scare - Millenarist Migrations of Brazil - Mind Control Delusion, The - Miniature Golf Fad - Minnesota Fainting Epidemic - Miracle Hen of Leeds - Monkey Man Scare - Montreal Slasher - Moon Hoax, The Great - Mora Witch Affair - Moral Panics and Symbolic Scares - Morzine Outbreak (Possessed Town) - Motor Hysteria - Multiple Personality Disorder Epidemic - Mummy’s Curse Fainting Fits - Mushroom Madness
  • Naked Cargo “Cult” - Naval Recruit Smoke Scare - Neurological Epidemic - New York Zoo Scare - New Zealand Sick Building - Nijmegen Convent Outbreak - Nimes Outbreak of Possessed Nuns - Nuclear Disaster Hoax
  • Oat Bran Craze - Ohio Chorus Fainting Fits - Oklahoma Chorus Collapse - Operation Rid Fox - Orson Welles Martian Panic
  • Paderborn Outbreak - Palestinian Poisoning Panic - Paranormal Phenomena - Parent Hysteria (Mass Hysteria by Proxy) - Phantom Aircraft Waves - Phantom Florida Gas Poisoning - Phantom Hat Pin Stabber - Phantom Pregnancy Attacks - Phantom Slasher - Philippine Devil Hysteria - Phillip Knightleys Hook Hoax - Photocopied Ghost Scare - Pigsty Hysteria - Pittsburgh Furnace Scare - Pledran Demon Attacks - Pokemon Illness - Popish Plot, The - Portuguese Martian Invasion Panics - Possession - President Johnson “Cult” - Profanity and Blasphemy - Psychosomatic Illness - Puritanism
  • Quakers
  • Railway Spine - Red Scares - Revivalism - Rhode Island Martian Panic - Riots - Riveter s Ovaries - Rolling Stones Mania - Rumors - Running, Jumping and Climbing - Russian Poland Balloon Scare - Russian Sectarianism
  • Sabbatai Zevi the Messiah - Saint-Medard Convulsionnaries - Salem Witch-Hunts - Santen Convent Outbreak - Sardine Packing Hysteria - SARS Scare - Satanic Cult and Ritual Abuse Scare - Satanism - Saudi Teacher Fits - School Fainting Flurry - School Vampire Scare - School Writing Tremors - Scottish and Welsh Religious Excitement - Scottish End-of-the-World Scare - Scowerers and Mohocks Scare - Self-Flagellation Manias - Sexual Mores - Shared Psychotic Disorder - Sheep Panic, The Great - Showalter, Elaine - Sick Primary Schools - Sick School Staff Syndrome - Singapore Factory Hysteria - Skoptsi Castration Sect - Skunked Workers - Small Group Scares - Snake Handler Sect - Social Movements - Sorority Mystery Illness - Souponievo Outbreak - South Carolina Martian Panic - Space Alien Scare - Spirit Infestation as Mass Psychogenic Illness - Spirit Possession in India - Spiritualist Mania - Spouse Dropping Revival - Spring Break Riot - Springheel Jack Scare - Starpoint High Mystery Illness - Stevenage Mystery Illness - Stigmatization - Strawberries with Sugar Virus - Streaking Fad - Street Fainting Scare - Suicide Clusters - Swedish Preaching Epidemic - Syracuse Fog Scare
  • Taiping Rebellion - Tarantism - Teacher Hysteria - Tennessee School Hysteria - Terrorism Scares - Texas Earthworm Hoax - Theories of Mass Hysteria - They Saw a Game Study - Thuggee - Tollitis - Tom and his Followers - Tonsil and Adenoid Riots - Toulouse Possessed Village - Toxic Bus Controversy - Toxic Courthouse - Toxic Mold Fears - Tsunami Rumors - Tulip Mania
  • Ugandan Running Sickness - Ulster Revival - Umhayizo Bewitchment Hysteria - Unterzell Outbreak - Urban Legends
  • Vaccination Hysterias - Vampirism - Verzegnis Outbreak - Virgin Mary, Apparitions of - Virginia Fainting Epidemic - Virtual Life
  • Wacky Wallwalker Fad - Washing Mania - Water Monster Panic - Weather and Human Behavior - Welsh Pedophile Panic - Welsh Revival - Wertet Outbreak - Wheezing Malady - Whitechapel Murders Scare - White Slavery Scare - Wife Abuse Hysteria - Windigo Psychosis - Windshield Pitting Scare - Witch Mania - Wonder Horse Manias
  • Xenoglossossy - Xhosa Cattle Killing Prophecy
  • Zeitoun Luminous Phenomena - Zimbabwe Zombie School - Zoot Suit Riots


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