Quest for Historical Jesus - В поисках исторического Иисуса

Jonathan Rowlands - The Metaphysics of Historical Jesus Research
Metaphysics is prior to historiography. And there can be no value-neutral system or framework of metaphysics from which a methodological consensus about historical enquiry may proceed. It is the central thesis of this study that these two claims form intractable problems for the discipline of historical Jesus research and, moreover, that these problems ought not to be ‘solved’ (as though that were possible), but embraced, if the discipline is to advance in any meaningful sense. Only by embracing our fundamental philosophical and theological biases— and not by the impossible task of trying to overcome them—can the field truly progress.
In this study I examine the metaphysical presuppositions operative within modern academic historical Jesus research. The discipline has not sufficiently reflected upon its metaphysical foundations, and I argue it operates within a series of metaphysical frameworks one might accurately label ‘secular.’ My concern is to probe one aspect of the relationship between faith and history, not in terms of historically informed faith, but in terms of faith-informed historiography. I am concerned with the question, ‘is it reasonable to construct an academic historical method that presumes belief in God as a given, or even as axiomatic for a full account of the past?’ I argue secular metaphysical presuppositions influence historical judgement and observe this influence by employing the category of worldview in relation to historical decision-making. This observation invites us to examine the metaphysical presuppositions at work within modern academic historical Jesus research, which one may observe as adhering to a totalising secular metaphysical presupposition not to allow religious perspectives to contribute to the historical task. I conclude by claiming this observation should encourage the discipline to allow a greater plurality of metaphysical frameworks within the field, although the construction of historical-critical methods based upon alternative metaphysical frameworks is necessarily reserved for a future project rather than developed fully here.

Jonathan Rowlands - The Metaphysics of Historical Jesus Research - A Prolegomenon to a Future Quest for the Historical Jesus

London – New York: Routledge, 2023. – 272 p.
ISBN: 978-1-032-33282-6 (hbk)
ISBN: 978-1-032-33283-3 (pbk)
ISBN: 978-1-003-31895-8 (ebk)

Jonathan Rowlands - The Metaphysics of Historical Jesus Research – Contents

List of Abbreviations
PART I. Worldviews and Historiographical Decision-Making
  • 1 Theology and History, Then and Now
  • 2 Defining Metaphysics
  • 3 The Concept of a Worldview
  • 4 Worldviews and Historiographical Decision-Making
  • 5 Characterising Secular Scholarship
PART II. Worldviews and Historical Jesus Research
  • 6 Metaphysics and the First ‘Quest’
  • 7 Metaphysics and the Second ‘Quest’
  • 8 Metaphysics and the Third ‘Quest’
  • 9 Metaphysics and N.T. Wright
  • 10 Expanding the Boundaries of Historical Jesus Research
Author Index 252
Subject Index

Craig A. Evans – The historical Jesus. Critical Concepts in Religious StudiesCraig A. Evans – The historical Jesus. Critical Concepts in Religious Studies

Wearset Ltd, Boldon, Tyne and Wear Printed and bound in Great Britain by MPG Books Ltd, Bodmin, Cornwall
ISBN 0-415-32750-4

Craig A. Evans – The historical Jesus. Critical Concepts in Religious Studies – Content

PART I. Classic Studies
  • 1 The real intention of the Apostoles. HERMANN S. REIMARUS - 2 Concluding dissertation: the dogmatic import of the life of Jesus. DAVID F. STRAUSS - 3 The essential nature of the work of Jesus. ERNEST RENAN - 4 Against the life·of·Jesus movement. MARTIN KAHLER - 5 Introduction. JAMES M. ROBINSON - 6 Introduction: view-point and method and The historical background for the ministry of Jesus. RUDOLF BULTMANN - 7 The problem of the historical Jesus. ERNST KASEMANN - 8 The quest of the historical Jesus. ERNST FUCHS - 9 The problem of the historical Jesus. JOACHIM JEREMIAS - 10 The possibility of a new quest. JAMES M. ROBINSON - 11 The primitive Christian kerygma and the historical Jesus. RUDOLF BULTMANN
PART 2. Critical Questions: Miracle and Myth
  • 12 Introduction: development of the mythical point of view in relation to the Gospel histories. DAVID F. STRAUSS - 13 Non-historical theories. MAURICE GOGUEL - 14 New Testament and mythology: the mythological element in the message of the New Testament and the problem of its re-interpretation. RUDOLF BULTMANN - 15 Mythology and the New Testament a review of Kerygma und Mythos. AMOS N. WILDER - 16 Myth and Gospel: a discussion of the problem of demythologizing the New Testament message. GONTHER BORNKAMM
PART 3. Critical Questions: Presuppositions and Criteria of Authenticity
  • 17 The authenticity of Jesus' sayings. FREDERICK C. GRANT - 18 The quest for the historical Jesus: a discussion of methodology. WILLIAM 0. WALKER - 19 Christology and methodology. M. D. HOOKER - 20 An examination of the criteria for distinguishing the authentic words of Jesus. D. G. A. CALVERT - 21 On using the wrong tool. M. D. HOOKER - 22 Literary criteria in life of Jesus research: an evaluation and proposal. RICHARD N. LONGENECKER
PART I. Parables and Kingdom of God
  • 23 The nature and purpose of the Gospel parables. C. H. DODO - 24 Parables: their meaning and nature and The Kingdom of Heaven. ETA LINNEMANN - 25 The setting. JOACHIM JEREMIAS - 26 Similitudes, parables, illustrations, allegories. W. 0. E. OESTERLEY - 27 If we do not cut the parables out of their frames. BIRGER GERHARDSSON - 28 Introduction and Extracts from Jesus' Proclamation of the Kingdom of God. JOHANNES WEISS - 29 The imminent future of the Kingdom of God. WERNER G. K0MMEL - 30 The Kingdom of God expels the Kingdom of Satan. RUDOLF OTTO - 31 The Kingdom of God in the proclamation of Jesus. REGINALD H. FULLER - 32 On understanding the Kingdom of God. ERICH GRASSER - 33 Jesus and the language of the kingdom. NORMAN PERRIN - 34 Regnum Dei Dens Est. BRUCE D. CHILTON - 35 Jesus as inaugurator of the Kingdom of God. MARINUS DE JONGE
PART 2. Ethics and Piety
  • 36 The ethical teaching of Jesus. JOSEPH KLAUSNER - 37 The original teaching of Jesus and the ethics of the early Church . T. W. MANSON - 38 The teacher. C. H. DODO - 39 God as father in the proclamation and in the prayer of Jesus. DIETER ZELLER - 40 Jesus and the quest for holiness: the alternative paradigm. MARCUS J. BORG - 41 Alms, debt and divorce: Jesus' ethics in their Mediterranean context. JOHN S. KLOPPENBORG - 42 Jesus and ethics. PHEME PERKINS
PART I. Mission and Self-Understanding
  • 43 Purpose, aim and motive in Jesus. H. J. CADBURY - 44 Die Frage nach dem messianischen Bewu8tsein Jesu. OTTO BETZ - 45 How much did Jesus know? - A survey of the Biblical evidence. RAYMOND E. BROWN - 46 The son of Man in contemporary debate. I. HOWARD MA RSHALL - 47 The sonsbip of the historical Jesus in Christology. RICHARD BA UCKHAM - 48 Did Jesus know he was God? RAYMOND E. BROWN - 49 Why did Jesus have to die? P. STUHLMACHER - 50 Messianic ideas and their inftuence on the Jesus of history. J. D. G. DUNN - 51 Jesus' ministry and self-understanding. BEN F. MEYER - 52 Jesus' self-understanding. C. M. TUCKETT
PART 2. The Death of Jesus
  • 53 The bearing of the Rabbinical criminal code on the Jewish trial narratives in the Gospels. H. DANBY - 54 The trial of Christ in the Synoptic Gospels. A. N. SHERWIN-WHITE - 55 The burial of Jesus (Mark 15:42--47). RAYMOND E. BROWN - 56 "Where no one had yet been laid": the shame of Jesus' burial. BYRON R. McCANE - 57 "Are you the Messiah?" Is the crux of Mark 14:61-62 resolvable? JAMES D. G. DUNN
PART 3. The Resurrection of Jesus
  • 58 The appearances of the risen Christ: an essay in form-criticism of the Gospels. C. H. DODD - 59 Is the resurrection an 'historical' event? GERALD O'COLLINS - 60 Was the tomb really empty? ROBERT H. STEIN - 61 Resurrection: fact or illusion? EDUARD SCHWEIZER - 62 Luminous appearances of the risen Christ. GERALD O'COLLINS - 63 The essential physicality of Jesus' resurrection according to the New Testament. ROBERT H. GUNDRY - 64 The resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. PHEME PERKINS - 65 The resurrection of Jesus Christ. C. E. B. CRANFIELD
PART I. Lives of .Jesus
  • 66 Chapters VIII-XII from The Life of Jesus. ERNEST RENAN - 67 The public life of Christ to the time of his arrest. F. E. D. SCHLEIERMACHER - 68 A great day in the life of Jesus. F. W. FARRAR - 69 The healing of the woman - Christ's personal appearance - the raising of Jairus' daughter. ALFRED EDERSHEIM - 70 Jesus and the Messiahship. WILHELM BOUSSET - 71 The crisis in Galilee. MAURICE GOGUEL - 72 The recognition of Jesus by men. WILLIAM BARCLAY - 73 Discipleship and the Kingdom. E. W. SAUNDERS - 74 The upper room. EVERETT F. HARRISON
PART 2. Jesus Outside the Bible
Jesus in the Agrapha and Extracanonical Gospels
  • 75 'Unwritten' sayings and Apocryphal Gospels. F. F. BRUCE - 76 Extracanonical parables and the historical Jesus. WILLIAM D. STROKER - 77 Jesus in the agrapha and apocryphal gospels. JAMES H. CHARLESWORTH AND CRAIG A. EVANS
Gospel of Peter
  • 78 The Gospel of Peter and canonical Gospel priority. RAYMOND E. BROWN
Gospel of Thomas
  • 79 The Gospel of Thomas: a secondary Gospel. KLYNE R. SNODGRASS
Papyrus Egerton 2
  • 80 Papyrus Egerton 2 (the Unknown Gospel) - part of the Gospel of Peter? DAVID F. WRIGHT
Secret Gospel of Mark
  • 81 The relation of "The Secret Gospel of Mark" to the Fourth Gospel. RAYMOND E. BROWN
Jesus in non-Christian Sources
  • 82 Research on the historical Jesus today: Jesus and the Pseudepigrapha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi Codices, Josephus, and archaeology. JAMES H. CHARLESWORTH - 83 Jesus in non-Christian sources. CRAIG A. EVANS

Catherine M. Murphy, PhD - The Historical Jesus For DummiesCatherine M. Murphy, PhD - The Historical Jesus For Dummies

Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2008. – 339 p.
ISBN: 978-0-470-16785-4

Catherine M. Murphy, PhD - The Historical Jesus For Dummies – Contents

Part I: Piecing Together the Jesus Story
  • Chapter 1: Meeting the Man from Nazareth - Chapter 2: Comparing the Gospels: A Biblical Biography of Jesus - Chapter 3: Pursuing the Historical Jesus in the Gospels - Chapter 4: Sharing in the Quests: Appreciating Modern Scholars’ Efforts - Chapter 5: Checking the Sources for Evidence of Jesus
Part II: Reconstructing the World of Jesus
  • Chapter 6: Introducing the Great and Powerful Rome - Chapter 7: Taking a Snapshot of Jewish Society in Jesus’s Time - Chapter 8: Feeling Rome’s Influence
Part III: Exploring the Life of Jesus the Jew
  • Chapter 9: Examining Jesus’s Family and Early Life - Chapter 10: Starting a New Movement - Chapter 11: Teaching Wisdom and Telling Tales - Chapter 12: Working Miracles and Confounding Crowds
Part IV: Witnessing Jesus’s Execution and Resurrection
  • Chapter 13: Scouting the Competition: Jesus’s Opponents - Chapter 14: Examining Jesus’s Crucifixion - Chapter 15: The Resurrection: From the Messiah to the Son of God
Part V: Experiencing Christ in Culture
  • Chapter 16: A Western Savior Goes Global - Chapter 17: From Graffiti to the Guggenheim: Jesus in Art - Chapter 18: The Reel Jesus
The Part of Tens
  • Chapter 19: Top Ten Historical Controversies about Jesus - Chapter 20: Top Ten Pilgrimage Sites Associated with Jesus

The Quest for the Real JesusThe Quest for the Real Jesus - В поисках настоящего Иисуса

Radboud Prestige Lectures by Prof. Dr. Michael Wolter
Brill 2013 - 234 p.
ISBn 978-90-04-23578-6 (hardback)
ISBn 978-90-04-25480-0 (e-book)

The Quest for the Real Jesus - Contents

List of Contributors
Preface - Jan van der Watt
  • Which Jesus is the Real Jesus? - Michael Wolter
  • From Mark's Son of God to Jesus of Nazareth—un cul-de-sac? - Cillers Breytenbach
  • The Remembered Jesus - James D.G. Dunn
  • Contours of the Historical Jesus - R. Alan Culpepper
  • Jesus as Savior and Protector—Before Easter and After - Craig A. Evans
  • A New Starting Point in Historical Jesus Research: The Easter Event - Michael R. Licona
  • Theological Hermeneutics and the Historical Jesus: A Critical Evaluation of Gadamerian Approachesand a New Methodological Proposal - Christopher M. Hays
  • Historical Jesus Research as New Testament Theology - Robert Morgan
  • In Which Sense has the Conviction that Jesus was Resurrected the "Certainty of Fact"? - Notger Slenczka
  • Im Glauben zum ,wirklichen' Jesus? Uberlegungen zu Michael Wolters Umgang mit der historischen Jesusfrage - Martin Laube
Academic Curriculum Vitae - Michael Wolter
List of Publications - Prof. Dr. Michael Walter

Susanna Asikainen - Jesus and Other Men - Ideal Masculinities in the Synoptic GospelsSusanna Asikainen - Jesus and Other Men - Ideal Masculinities in the Synoptic Gospels

Boston: Brill, 2018 – 248 p.
ISBN 978-90-04-36098-3 (hardback)
ISBN 978-90-04-36109-6 (e-book)

Susanna Asikainen - Jesus and Other Men - Ideal Masculinities in the Synoptic Gospels – Contents

1 Introduction
  •  Of Masculinities and Men - A Reassessment of Connell’s Theory - Theorizing Marginalized Masculinities - Outline of the Study
2 Masculinities in the Ancient Greco-Roman World
  •  Introduction - Biological Sex in the Ancient Greco-Roman World - Ancient Greco-Roman Gender Stereotypes - Who is a Real, Hegemonically Masculine Man? - Ideal Characteristics of Masculine Men - Effeminacy and Lack of Self-Control - Marginalized Masculinities in the Ancient Greco-Roman World - Philo - Josephus - 4 Maccabees - Rabbinic Judaism - Conclusions
3 Jesus and His Opponents
  •  Introduction - The Authority of Jesus - The Opponents as Negative Examples of Unmasculine Behavior - Jesus’ Disputes with His Opponents - Challenges to the Masculinity of Jesus - Herod - The Death of John the Baptist - Other Mentions of Herod - Pilate - Pilate in Mark (15:1–15) - Pilate in Matthew (27:11–26) - Pilate in Luke (23:1–25) - Conclusions
4 Jesus and His Male Followers
  • Introduction - The Portrayal of the Disciples in the Synoptic Gospels - Peter in the Synoptic Gospels - The Messiah Confession - Peter in the Passion Narratives - Jesus’ Teaching on Ideal Behavior in the Sermon on the Mount - Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3–12) - Antitheses (Matthew 5:21–48) - Piety (Matthew 6:1–18) - Jesus and Family in the Synoptic Gospels - Service and Slavery as the Ideal Masculinity - Children as Examples for the Disciples - Matthew, Eunuchs, and Subordinated Masculinities - Conclusions
5 Jesus and Women
  • Introduction - Ideal Women in the Ancient Greco-Roman World - The Women Followers of Jesus - The Syrophoenician or Canaanite Woman - Mark’s Account of the Story (Mark 7:24–30) - Matthew’s Account of the Story (Matthew 15:21–28) - The Syrophoenician Woman’s Challenge to Jesus’ Masculinity - The Women Jesus Heals: The Hemorrhaging Woman - The Anointing Woman - The Ideal Woman in Luke - Feminine Jesus - Conclusions
6 Jesus and Emotions
  • Introduction - Emotions in Greco-Roman Antiquity - Grief and Tears in Greco-Roman Antiquity - Anger in Greco-Roman Antiquity - The Emotions of Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels - The Tears of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke - The Incident at the Temple - The Emotions of the Other Characters - Conclusions
7 Jesus and Suffering
  •  Introduction - Death and Suffering in the Ancient Greco-Roman World - Jesus’ Teaching on Suffering - Jesus in Gethsemane - Mark 14:32–42 - Matthew 26:36–46 - Luke 22:39–46 - The Masculinity of Jesus in Gethsemane - The Arrest of Jesus - The Jewish and the Roman Trials: The Silence of Jesus - The Mocking and Scourging of Jesus - The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus - The Death of Jesus in Mark and Matthew - The Death of Jesus in Luke - Conclusions
8 Conclusions
  •  Primary Sources - Secondary Literature
Index of Modern Authors
Index of Ancient Sources

Marcus J. Borg and N.T. Wright - The Meaning of Jesus: two visionsMarcus J. Borg and N.T. Wright - The Meaning of Jesus: two visions

HarperCollins, 1999. - 290 p.
ISBN 978-0-06-193481-0
The Leading Liberal and Conservative Jesus Scholars Present the Heart of the Historical Jesus Debate. Marcus J. Borg and N.T. Wright.
Здесь параллельно излагаются взгляды (в дискуссии) Райта и Борга по различным вопросам.

Marcus J. Borg and N.T. Wright - The Meaning of Jesus: two visions - Contents

Part I. How Do We Know about Jesus?
  • 1. Seeing Jesus: Sources, Lenses, and Method (Marcus Borg) - 2. Knowing Jesus: Faith and History (N. T. Wright)
Part II. What Did Jesus Do and Teach?
  • 3. The Mission and Message of Jesus (N. T. Wright) - 4. Jesus Before and After Easter: Jewish Mystic and Christian Messiah (Marcus Borg)
Part III.The Death of Jesus
  • 5. Why Was Jesus Killed? (Marcus Borg) - 6. The Crux of Faith (N. T. Wright)
Part IV. “God Raised Jesus From the Dead”
  • 7. The Transforming Reality of the Bodily Resurrection (N. T. Wright) - 8. The Truth of Easter (Marcus Borg))
Part V. Was Jesus God?)
  • 9. Jesus and God (Marcus Borg) - 10. The Divinity of Jesus (N. T. Wright)
Part VI. The Birth of Jesus
  • 11. Born of a Virgin? (N. T. Wright) - 12. The Meaning of the Birth Stories (Marcus Borg)
Part VII. “He Will Come Again in Glory”
  • 13. The Second Coming Then and Now (Marcus Borg) - 14. The Future of Jesus (N. T. Wright)
Part VIII. Jesus and the Christian Life
  • 15. The Truth of the Gospel and Christian Living (N. T. Wright) - 16. A Vision of the Christian Life (Marcus Borg)
About the Authors
About the Publisher

Borg, Marcus J.- Jesus in contemporary scholarshipThe historical Jesus is "in the news," both in the scholarly world and in the much broader world of the public. The last fifteen years have seen a revitalization of the academic discipline of Jesus scholarship, especially in North America.
A third quest of the historical Jesus is underway, replacing the old quest of the nineteenth century and the short-lived "new quest" of the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Borg, Marcus J.- Jesus in contemporary scholarship

Marcus J. Borg. p.   cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 1-56338-094-3
1994 Marcus J. Borg

Borg, Marcus J.- Jesus in contemporary scholarship - Contents

1. Jesus Christ—Historicity—Study and teaching.
2. Jesus Christ—History of doctrines—20th century

Nehemia Gordon - The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek JesusNehemia Gordon - The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus

First Edition, 2005
eBook Edition, 2010
ISBN 13 978-0-9762637-6-0
The cover of this book depicts a "Moses' Seat" unearthed by archaeologists at the ancient synagogue of Chorazin, Israel, an excerpt of Greek Matthew from the Codex Sinaiticus, and an excerpt from a manuscript of Shem-Tov's Hebrew Matthew.

Nehemia Gordon - The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus - Contens

Preface by Avi Ben Mordechai
Foreword by Keith Johnson
Introduction by Michael Rood
  • Chapter 1: Whatsoever They Bid You Observe...
  • Chapter 2. Washing the Hands
  • Chapter 3. Understanding Phariseeism
  • Chapter 4. Was Yeshua a Karaite?
  • Chapter 5. A Contradiction in Greek Matthew?
  • Chapter 6. Greek or Hebrew?
  • Chapter 7. Shem-Tov's Hebrew Matthew
  • Chapter 8. Moses' Seat
  • Chapter 9. They Talk But They Do Not Do
  • Chapter 10. You Have Heard It Said
  • Chapter 11. A New Understanding
  • Appendix 1. The Testimony of Papias
  • Appendix 2. The Abomination of Desolation
  • Appendix 3. Absolute Authority of the Rabbis
  • Appendix 4. The Text of Matthew 23:2
  • Appendix 5. A Glossary of Shem-Tov's Hebrew Matthew 23:2-3
Glossary of Terms

Carlos A. Segovia - The Quranic Jesus. A New InterpretationCarlos A. Segovia - The Quranic Jesus. A New Interpretation

ISBN 978-3-11-059764-6
e-ISBN (PDF) 978-3-11-059968-8
e-ISBN (EPUB) 978-3-11-059896-4
ISSN 2196-405X

Carlos A. Segovia - The Quranic Jesus. A New Interpretation - Contents

1. Introduction: Traditional Views and New Insights on the Quranic Jesus
  • Descriptive vs. Anti-Christian Theological Texts? - The Study of the Quranic Jesus between the 1830s and Now - Purpose and Argument of this Book, with a Note on the Notion of “Symptomatic Reading”
2. Jesus in the Quranic Corpus: Texts and Contexts
  • Distribution of the Relevant Passages - The Texts, with a Brief Commentary
3. Reassessing the Typology, Date, and Ideology of the Jesus Passages – and Their Setting
  • Towards a New Classification, Formal and Thematic - Thematic Division - Deciphering the Date of the Jesus Passages - Their Setting and the Chronology of the Corpus
4. Moving Backwards: A Peripheral South-Arabian Christology?
  • The Withdrawal from Byzantium’s Political and Religious Control in 6th-Century Yemen – and the Arabian Peninsula - East Syria and Iraq, or Christianity beyond the Limes of the Byzantine Empire - Monks, Bishops, and the Plausible Anti-Chalcedonian Setting of Q 9:31, 34
5. From the Qur’ān’s Early Christology to the Elaboration of the Muhamadan Kerygma
  • A Sketch of the Early Qur’ān Christology (Q 75–107) - Introducing the Human alongside the Divine (Q 17, 68, 73–4, 81, 87, 88) - Substituting the Heavenly Messenger by a Human Messenger: The Beginnings of the Muhamadan Kerygma (Q 53, 55, 69)
Index of Ancient Sources
Index of Ancient and Modern Authors

Bart D. Ehrman, Craig A. Evans, Robert B. Stewart - Can We Trust the Bible on the Historical Jesus?Bart D. Ehrman, Craig A. Evans, Robert B. Stewart - Can We Trust the Bible on the Historical Jesus?

Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville, Kentucky, - 2020. - 112 pp.
ISBN 9780664265854 (paperback)
ISBN 9781646980017 (ebook)

Bart D. Ehrman, Craig A. Evans, Robert B. Stewart - Can We Trust the Bible on the Historical Jesus? - Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction: History, Historians, and Trusting
  • Robert B. Stewart - Historical Texts
  • History and Historians
  • Trusting Historical Texts
  • What’s at Stake?
  • Can We Trust the Bible on the Historical Jesus? - A Dialogue between Bart D. Ehrman and Craig A. Evans
  • Bart Ehrman: Opening Statement
  • Craig Evans: Opening Statement
  • Bart Ehrman: Response
  • Craig Evans: Response
  • Bart Ehrman: Conclusion
  • Craig Evans: Conclusion
  • Questions and Answers
  • Robert B. Stewart - The State of the Quest for the Historical Jesus
  • Robert B. Stewart - Further Reading


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