Dunn - The Theology of Paul the Apostle

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The Theology of Paul the Apostle - James D. G. Dunn

Джймс Данн. Богословие апостола Павла

Эта книга является  плодом двадцатилетней активной и творческой работы Дж. Данна.  Для построения более полной экспозиции  богословия  Павла использовано послание  к Римлянам. Дж. Данн рассматривает такие темы богословия  Павла, как Бог, человечество, грех, христология, спасение, церковь и христианская жизнь.

The Theology of Paul the Apostle - James D. G. Dunn

My fascination with Paul began about forty years ago. Even as a schoolboy I could not help being impressed by Paul's missionary achievements, partic­ularly his extensive travels and his success in establishing Christianity in Europe. In my student days the fascination deepened as I began to appreciate something of Paul the theologian. The combination of profound theological reflection and ensitive grappling with all too real human problems, of out­  spoken argument and pastoral insight, "found me" at many points.
As a University teacher I have lectured on Paul and his theology for more than twenty-five years, constantly drawn back to him as I tackled a series of  different subjects, the lectures, I hope, becoming steadily richer as I probed more and more aspects of Paul's theology.


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