Wolfe - Epistemology

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Epistemology - David L Wolfe

Wolfe, David L. Epistemology: The Justification of Belief

Intervarsity Pr, 1983.

Epistemology: The Justification of Belief - GENERAL PREFACE

The Contours of Christian Philosophy series will consist of short introductory-level textbooks in the various fields of philosophy. These books will introduce readers to major problems and alter-native ways of dealing with those problems. These books, how-ever, will differ from most in that they will evaluate alternative viewpoints not only with regard to their general strength, but also with regard to their value in the construction of a Christian world and life view. Thus, the books will explore the implications of the various views for Christian theology as well as the implica-tions that Christian convictions might have for the philosophical issues discussed. It is crucial that Christians attain a greater degree of philosophical awareness in order to improve the quality of general scholarship and evangelical theology. My hope is that this series will contribute to that end.

Although the books are intended as examples of Christian scholarship, it is hoped that they will be of value to others as well; these issues should concern all thoughtful persons. The assump-tion which underlies this hope is that complete neutrality in philosophy is neither possible nor desirable. Philosophical work always reflects a person’s deepest commitments. Such commit-ments, however, do not preclude a genuine striving for critical honesty.

C. Stephen Evans Series Editor



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