T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism

Daniel M. Gurtner and Loren T. Stuckenbruck - T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism - Volume 1
The period between the “Babylonian Exile,” literarily marked by an edict attributed to Cyrus the Great in 538 bce permitting a return to the land of Judah (Ezra 1:1–4) and by the immediate aftermath of the Bar Kokhba revolt (132–135 ce ), was pivotal. Within this frame, the period is flanked by traditions concerned with the construction and existence of a “second” Temple in Jerusalem: replacing the Solomonic Temple destroyed in 586 bce, it was erected by 516 bce (cf. Ezra 5:1–17), rebuilt in grandeur beginning with the rule of Herod  the Great , and destroyed on the ninth of Av in 70 ce (Josephus, J.W. 6.229–280).
Pivotal in transitional events of magnitude on either end, the Second Temple period can, within itself, be described in relation to a series of far-reaching socioreligious and political shifts that not only affected holders of power but also determined the location and changing fate of Judeans, whether they lived nearer to Jerusalem or abroad. While this much is undisputed, a recognition of the sheer diversity of the period, both on account of vicissitudes through time and the coexistence of different groups that vied to secure their identity in Judea and the diasporas, poses challenges. When considering a period of over 600 years, we may raise questions as follows: How can one possibly characterize this era as a whole without simply defaulting to records that reflect the particular interests of those who happened to be in political or cultural power or without reverting to normative perspectives that are anachronistically imposed on such a heritage?

Daniel M. Gurtner and Loren T. Stuckenbruck - T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism - Volume 1

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Daniel M. Gurtner and Loren T. Stuckenbruck - T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism - Volume 1 - Contents

Periodized Color Maps
  • Map 1: Greater Mediterranean Region
  • Map 2: Alexander the Great (ca. 334–323 bce )
  • Map 3: The Diadochi (ca. 323–301 bce )
  • Map 4: Seleucids and Ptolemies (301–200 bce )
  • Map 5: Seleucids and Ptolemies (200–167 bce )
  • Map 6: Maccabean Revolt (167–160 bce )
  • Map 7: Hasmonean Rule (I) (160–103 bce )
  • Map 8: Hasmonean Rule (II) (103–63 bce )
  • Map 9: Decline of Hasmonean Rule and Roman Presence (63–43 bce )
  • Map 10: Herod the Great and His Successors (43 bce –6 ce )
  • Map 11: Direct Roman Rule (6–66 ce )
  • Map 12: First Jewish War (66–73 ce )
  • Map 12a: First Jewish War: Initial Successes (66 ce )
  • Map 12b: First Jewish War: Roman Campaigns (67–69 ce )  
  • Map 12c: First Jewish War: Siege of Jerusalem (70 ce )
  • Map 12d: First Jewish War: Siege of Masada (73/74 ce )
  • Map 13: Roman Rule through the Second Jewish War (73–136 ce )
  • Part One What Is Second Temple Judaism? (Loren T. Stuckenbruck)
  • Part Two The Historical and Political Contexts of Second Temple Judaism (Daniel M. Gurtner)
  • Part Three Literature
Abraham, Apocalypse of Alexander Kulik
Abraham, Testament of Jared W. Ludlow
Adam and Eve, Greek Life of John R. Levison
Ahiqar Proverbs Seth A. Bledsoe
Amos, Book of W. Edward Glenny
Amram, Visions of Robert R. Duke
Aramaic Levi Document Henryk Drawnel
Aristeas, Letter of Benjamin G. Wright III
Aristobulus Robert Doran
Babatha Archive Michael Owen Wise
Bar Kokhba Letters Michael Owen Wise
Barki Nafshi (4Q434–438) Eileen Schuller
Baruch, Book of Sean A. Adams
Baruch, Second Book of Liv Ingeborg Lied
Baruch, Third Book of Alexander Kulik
Baruch, Fourth Book of Robert A. Kraft
Beatitudes (4QBeatitudes) Elisa Uusimäki
Ben Sira Benjamin G. Wright III
Berakhot (4Q286–290) Angela Kim Harkins
Catenae A–B (4Q177, 4Q182) Lidija Novakovic
Chronicles, Books of Isaac Kalimi
Copper Scroll (3Q15) Al Wolters
Damascus Document (D) Cecilia Wassén
Daniel, Additions to Tim Meadowcroft
Daniel, Book of Andrew B. Perrin
Daniel, Pseudo-Texts Amanda M. Davis Bledsoe
David Apocryphon Eva Mroczek
Demetrius the Chronographer Shayna Sheinfeld
Deuteronomy, Book of Laura Quick
Elect of God (4Q534–536) Loren T. Stuckenbruck
Enoch, Ethiopic Apocalypse of (1 Enoch) Miryam T. Brand
Book of Watchers (1 Enoch 1–36) Kelley Coblentz Bautch
Book of Parables (1 Enoch 37–71) Grant Macaskill
Astronomical Book (1 Enoch 72–82) Jonathan Ben-Dov
Dream Visions (1 Enoch 83–84) Andrew B. Perrin
Animal Apocalypse (1 Enoch 85–90) Daniel Olson
Apocalypse of Weeks (1 Enoch 93:1–10; 91:11–17) Ronald Herms
Epistle of Enoch (1 Enoch 92:1–5; 93:11–105:2) Mark D. Mathews
Birth of Noah (1 Enoch 106–107) Daniel A. Machiela
Eschatological Exhortation (1 Enoch 108) Mark D. Mathews
Enoch, Slavonic Apocalypse of (2 Enoch) Christfried Böttrich
Esdras, First Book of Juha Pakkala
Esdras, Second Book of (see—Ezra, Fourth Book of [pt 3]) Esther, Book of Isaac Kalimi
Esther, Greek Versions of Kristin De Troyer
Eupolemus G. Anthony Keddie
Eupolemus, Pseudo- Philip Michael Sherman
Exodus, Book of Drew Longacre
Ezekiel, Book of Andrew Mein
Ezekiel the Tragedian Pierluigi Lanfranchi
Ezra, Book of Csilla Saysell
Ezra, Fourth Book of Hindy Najman
Florilegium (4Q174) Shani Tzoref
Gabriel, Vision of Amanda M. Davis Bledsoe
Genesis, Book of Benjamin Wold
Genesis and Exodus, Commentary on (4Q422) Benjamin Wold
Genesis Apocryphon Michael Becker
Genesis Commentaries (4Q252–254, 254a) Shani Tzoref
Giants, Book of Joseph L. Angel
Greek Versions of the Hebrew Bible and Other Writings James K. Aitken
Habakkuk, Book of Alex P. Jassen
Habakkuk, Pesher of Alex P. Jassen
Haggai, Book of John Kessler
Hebrews, Epistle to the Eric F. Mason
Hekhalot Texts (see—Merkabah Mysticism and Hekhalot Texts [pt 4]) Herakleopolis Papyri  Annette Weissenrieder
Hodayot (1QH a +4QH manuscripts) Angela Kim Harkins
Hosea, Book of Russell Fuller
Hosea, Pesher of Maurya P. Horgan
Instruction (4QInstruction) Elisa Uusimäki
Isaiah, Ascension of Jonathan M. Knight
Isaiah, Book of Konrad Schmid
Isaiah, Pesher of Marilyn J. Lundberg
Isaiah Scroll (1QIsa a ) Eugene Ulrich
Jacob, Ladder of Alexander Kulik
James, Epistle of Dale C. Allison, Jr. Jannes and Jambres Ted M. Erho
Jeremiah and Lamentations Thomas Römer
Jeremiah, Apocryphon of Kipp Davis
Jeremiah, Epistle of Sean A. Adams
Jews in the Persian Court (4Q550) Philip Esler
Job, Book of Elaine T. James
Job, Qumran Aramaic Version of David J. Shepherd
Job, Testament of Maria Cioată
Joel, Book of Elie Assis
John, Gospel of John Ashton
John, Letters of George L. Parsenios
Jonah, Book of Carla Sulzbach
Jonathan the King Text (4Q448) Henry W. Morisada Rietz
Joseph and Aseneth Jill Hicks-Keeton
Joseph, Apocryphon of (4Q371–373) Matthew Thiessen
Joseph, Prayer of Simon J. Joseph
Josephus, Writings of Michael Tuval
Joshua, Apocryphon of Devorah Dimant
Joshua, Book of Ed Noort
Jubilees, Book of Jacques T. A. G. M. van Ruiten
Jude, Epistle of Duane F. Watson
Judges, Book of Ariel Feldman
Judith, Book of Deborah Levine Gera
Justus of Tiberias James E. Bowley
Kings, Books of Ariel Feldman
Latin Versions of the Hebrew Bible and Other Writings Annette Weissenrieder
Leviticus, Book of Robert Kugler
Leviticus, Qumran Aramaic Version of David J. Shepherd
Luke-Acts Kindalee Pfremmer De Long
Maccabees, First Book of Michael Tuval
Maccabees, Second Book of Daniel R. Schwartz
Maccabees, Third Book of Noah Hacham
Maccabees, Fourth Book of Tessa Rajak
Malachi, Book of Russell Fuller
Manasseh, Prayer of Archie T. Wright
Manetho Erich S. Gruen
Mark, Gospel of Suzanne Watts Henderson
Matthew, Gospel of Anders Runesson
Megillat Taʿanit (The Scroll of Fasting) Vered Noam
Melchizedek Scroll (11Q13) Eric F. Mason
Menander, Sentences of the Syriac Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr
Messianic Apocalypse (4Q521) Michael Becker
Micah, Book of Watson E. Mills and Daniel M. Gurtner
Micah, Pesher of Matthew A. Collins
Midrashim (see—Midrash [pt 4]) Miqṣat Maʿaśê ha-Torah (MMT) Mika S. Pajunen
Minor Prophets Russell Fuller
Mishnah Tal Ilan
Moses, Assumption of Kenneth Atkinson
Moses, Testament of  (see—Moses, Assumption of [pt 3]) Nabonidus, Prayer of (4Q242/4QPrNab) Årstein Justnes
Nahum, Book of Russell Fuller
Nahum, Pesher of Shani Tzoref
Naphtali, Testament of (4Q215) Michael E. Stone
Nehemiah, Book of Jacob L. Wright
New Jerusalem Text Hugo Antonissen
Numbers, Book of Thomas Römer
Obadiah, Book of Anselm C. Hagedorn
Ordinances (4QOrdinances) Hannah K. Harrington
Orpheus, Pseudo- Samantha Newington
Otot Jonathan Ben-Dov
Papyri from Qumran Cave 7 Michael Owen Wise
Paraleipomena Ieremiae (see—Baruch, Fourth Book of [pt 3]) Patriarchs, Testaments of the Twelve Vered Hillel
Pauline Letters Bruce W. Longenecker
Pentateuch Molly Zahn
Pesher of the Periods (4Q180–181) Devorah Dimant
Peshitta Jan Joosten
Peter, Letters of Chad Pierce
Philo of Alexandria Ronald R. Cox
Philo, Pseudo- (LAB) Robert Hayward
Philo the Epic Poet Sean A. Adams
Phocylides, Pseudo- Sean A. Adams
Pirqe Aboth Luke Neubert
Prophets, Lives of the Anna Maria Schwemer
Proverbs, Book of Bernd U. Schipper
Psalms 151–155 Daniel M. Gurtner
Psalms, Book of Judith Gӓrtner
Psalms, Pesher of Jutta Jokiranta
Psalms Scrolls Eva Mroczek
Qahat, Testament of Ken M. Penner
Qoheleth Douglas B. Miller
Revelation, Book of Christopher Rowland
Reworked Pentateuch (4QRP) Molly Zahn
Rule of Blessings (1QSb) Joseph L. Angel
Rule of the Community Arjen Bakker
Rule of the Congregation (1QSa) Cecilia Wassén
Ruth, Book of Max Rogland
Samaritan Pentateuch Robert T. Anderson
Samuel, Books of Ariel Feldman
Self-Glorification Hymn Angela Kim Harkins
Septuagint  (see—Greek Versions of the Hebrew Bible and Other Writings [pt 4]) Shem, Treatise of Kenneth Atkinson
Sibylline Oracles 1–2 Olaf Wassmuth
Sibylline Oracles 3 Rieuwerd Buitenwerf
Sibylline Oracles 4–5 Olivia Stewart Lester
Solomon, Odes of Majella Franzmann
Solomon, Psalms of Joseph L. Trafton
Solomon, Testament of Todd Klutz
Solomon, Wisdom of Randall D. Chesnutt
Song of Songs Anselm C. Hagedorn
Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice Noam Mizrahi
Talmud, Babylonian Jeffrey L. Rubenstein
Talmud, Jerusalem Günter Stemberger
Tanḥumim (4Q176) Jesper Høgenhaven
Targumim David Shepherd
Temple Scroll Dwight D. Swanson
Testimonia (4Q175) Henry W. Morisada Rietz
Tobit, Book of Andrew B. Perrin
Ṭohorot (4Q274, 276–277, 278) Aryeh Amihay
Torah (see—Pentateuch [pt 3]) Tosefta Michael Tilly
War, Book of (4Q285, 11Q14) Martin G. Abegg, Jr.
War Scroll Brian Schultz
Words of Michael Loren T. Stuckenbruck
Words of the Luminaries Daniel K. Falk
Zechariah, Book of Antonios Finitsis
Zephaniah, Apocalypse of Michael Sommer
Zephaniah, Book of Christof Hardmeier

T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism - Volume 2T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism - Volume 2

Edited by Daniel M. Gurtner and Loren T. Stuckenbruck. - London - New York: T&T Clark, 2020. - 907 p.
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T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism - Volume 2 - Contents

Part Four Topics 
  • Aaron Robert Duke - Abraham Jacques van Ruiten - Adam and Eve Cynthia R. Chapman - Adiabene Micha-- Marciak - Agatharchides Erich S. Gruen - Agriculture Oded Borowski - Akiba (Akiva), Rabbi Meir Ben-Shahar - Alexander Jannaeus Kenneth Atkinson - Alexander Polyhistor Anthony Keddie - Alexander the Great Sabine M-ller - Alexandria Gregory E. Sterling - Allegory Stefan N. Svendsen - Alms and Almsgiving Gary A. Anderson - Amulets Clinton E. Arnold - Angels Kevin P. Sullivan - Animal Worship Jed Wyrick - Antichrist Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte - Antioch (Pisidian) Rainer Riesner - Antioch (Syrian) Markus -hler - Antiochus IV Epiphanes Peter Franz Mittag - Apion Michael Tuval - Apocalypse Lorenzo DiTommaso - Apocalypticism Loren L. Johns - Apocrypha, -Old Testament- David A. deSilva - Apollonius Molon Sean A. Adams - Apologetic Literature John M. G. Barclay - Apostasy B. J. Oropeza - Apuleius of Madauros Gerald Sandy - Aqedah Leroy A. Huizenga - Aqueducts Marc Turnage - Arabian Peninsula Gordon D. Newby - Arabic Martin Heide - Aramaic Steven E. Fassberg - Ararat, Mount Andrew Geist - --Araq el-Amir Gerald L. Mattingly - Arch of Titus Steven Fine - Archaeology (Recent Trends) Benjamin D. Gordon - Architecture Eyal Baruch - Archives and Libraries Mladen Popovi-- - Aristobulus I Kenneth Atkinson - Aristobulus II Kenneth Atkinson - Aristotle Ronald R. Cox - Armenian Valentina Calzolari - Artapanus Robert Doran - Ascent into Heaven Paula Gooder - Asceticism Joan E. Taylor - Asia Minor Clinton E. Arnold - Acculturation and Assimilation Richard J. Bautch - Associations Yonder Moynihan Gillihan - Astronomy and Astrology Henryk Drawnel - Athletics Zeev Weiss - Atonement Christian A. Eberhart - Babel, Tower of Philip Michael Sherman - Babylonian Culture Ida Fr-hlich - Babylon, Babylonia, Babylonians Oded Lipschits - Bar Kokhba Revolt (see-Revolt, Second Jewish [pt 4]) - Bar Kokhba Caves (see-Na--al --ever [Cave of Horrors and Cave of Letters; pt 4]) - Baruch Mark F. Whitters - Baths Robert Darby - Behemoth Brian R. Doak - Belial Jutta Leonhardt-Balzer - Berossus Philip Michael Sherman - Bethsaida Richard A. Freund - Bethshean (Scythopolis) Robert A. Mullins - Birth, Miraculous Anders Klostergaard Petersen - Blasphemy Jerry D. Truex - Boethusians Adiel Schremer - Burial Practices Marc Turnage - Caesarea Maritima Joseph Patrich - Caesarea Philippi (Paneas) John F. Wilson - Cain and Abel Johanna Erzberger - Caiaphas Helen K. Bond - Cairo Genizah Stefan C. Reif - Calendars Matthias Henze - Canon and the Canonical Process Eugene Ulrich - Capernaum Sharon Lea Mattila - Catacombs (Rome) Leonard V. Rutgers - Celibacy Joan E. Taylor - Celsus the Physician Bernd Kollmann - Cemeteries (Beth She-arim) Yonatan Adler - Cemeteries (Bethshean) Robert A. Mullins - Cemeteries (Qumran) Joan E. Taylor - Chaeremon of Alexandria Jenny Bryan - Chronography William Adler - Cicero Paul Robertson - Circumcision Matthew Thiessen - Cisterns and Reservoirs David Gurevich - Clearchus of Soli Andrea Falcon - Cleodemus Malchus Robert Doran - Clothing and Dress Cynthia M. Baker - Coele-Syria Dominick S. Hern-ndez - Coins David Hendin - Columbaria Amos Kloner - Columella Christopher J. Fuhrmann - Contracts from the Judean Desert John F. Healey - Conversion and Proselytism Matthew Thiessen - Coptic Alin Suciu - Cosmology Eshbal Ratzon - Court Tales Philip Esler - Covenant Richard J. Bautch - Covenantal Nomism Bruce W. Longenecker - Creation Karina Martin Hogan - Crucifixion David W. Chapman - Cyprus Pieter W. van der Horst - Cyrenaica Jason von Ehrenkrook - Cyrus the Great Oded Lipschits - Daliyeh, Wadi ed- Jan Du-ek - Damascus Anna Maria Schwemer - Daniel Tim Meadowcroft - David Eva Mroczek - Dead Sea Scrolls Casey D. Elledge - Death and Afterlife Casey D. Elledge - Decalogue Richard A. Freund - Decapolis Gerald L. Mattingly - Demons and Exorcism Archie T. Wright - Determinism Gabriele Boccaccini - Deuteronomistic History Thomas R-mer - Deuteronomistic Theology Samantha Joo - Diadochi Alexander Meeus - Diaspora Claudia Setzer - Diet in Palestine Naomi S. S. Jacobs - Dio Chrysostom Christopher J. Fuhrmann - Diodorus Siculus David P. Moessner - Disability Naomi S. S. Jacobs - Dream and Vision Reports Andrew B. Perrin - Dualism Devorah Dimant - Economics in Palestine David A. Fiensy - Education Luke Neubert - Egypt Nathalie LaCoste - --Ein Feshkha Baruch Yuzefovsky - --Ein-Gedi Marc Turnage - Elders Benjamin L. Merkle - Election Tommy Givens - Elephantine and Elephantine Papyri Andrew D. Gross - Elijah G-za G. Xeravits - Elisha G-za G. Xeravits - Emperor Cult Larry Kreitzer - Enoch Ryan E. Stokes - Enochic Circles Gabriele Boccaccini - Enosh Crispin H. T. Fletcher-Louis - Entertainment Structures Joseph Patrich - Epictetus Niko Huttunen - Eschatology Grant Macaskill - Essenes J-rg Frey - Ethics Volker Rabens - Ethiopic (Ge--ez) Ted M. Erho - Evil Miryam T. Brand - Exile Michael E. Fuller - Exodus, The John Byron - Ezra Pierluigi Lanfranchi - Faith and Faithfulness Dennis R. Lindsay - Fallen Angels Henryk Drawnel - Family Cecilia Wass-n - Fasting Noah Hacham - Festivals and Holy Days M. A. Daise - Flood Ryan E. Stokes - Food and Eating (see-Diet in Palestine [pt 4]) - Fortresses and Palaces Casey D. Elledge - Frontinus Michael Tuval - Gabriel Kevin P. Sullivan - Galilee Mark A. Chancey - Gamla Danny Syon - Garden of Eden-Paradise Eshbal Ratzon - Gematria Larry R. Helyer - Genealogies Jason B. Hood - Gentile Attitudes toward Jews - and Judaism Michael Tuval - Gentiles, Jewish Attitudes toward Christine E. Hayes - Geography, Otherworldly Kelley Coblentz Bautch - Geography, Mythic (see-Geography, Otherwordly [pt ]) - Georgian Jan Dochhorn - Gerizim, Mount Richard J. Bautch - Giants Matthew Goff - Gnosticism Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta - God-Fearers S. Scott Bartchy - Grace (-esed) Kyle B. Wells - Greece and the Aegean Paul Trebilco - Greek Michael Owen Wise - Greek Authors on Jews and Judaism Dov Gera - Greek Philosophy Thomas H. Tobin - Greek Religions Frederick Naerebout - Gymnasium Livia Capponi - Hasidim John I. Kampen - Hasmonean Dynasty Kenneth Atkinson - Healing Eric Eve - Heaven Beate Ego - Heavenly Beings (see-Angels [pt ]) - Hebrew Randall Buth - Hecataeus of Abdera Philip Michael Sherman - Hecataeus, Pseudo- Philip Michael Sherman - Heliopolis Robert Hayward - Hellenism and Hellenization Tessa Rajak - Hermippus of Smyrna Erich S. Gruen - Hermon, Mount Shimon Dar and Daniel M. Gurtner - Herod the Great Adam Marshak - Herodians Benedikt Eckhardt - Herodion (Herodium) Casey D. Elledge - High Priests Isaac Kalimi - Hillel G-nter Stemberger - Historiography Russell E. Gmirkin - Holiness Naomi Koltun-Fromm - Horoscopes Helen R. Jacobus - Hymns, Prayers, and Psalms Daniel K. Falk - Hyrcanus I, John Kenneth Atkinson - Hyrcanus II, John Kenneth Atkinson - Idols and Images Crispin H. T. Fletcher-Louis - Idumea Alan Appelbaum - Imperial Cult, Jews and the Monika Bernett - Inscriptions Martin Heide - Intermarriage Hannah K. Harrington - Ioudaios Daniel R. Schwartz - Isaac Ruth A. Clements - Isaiah Jonathan M. Knight - Ishmael Michael Francis - Itureans Andreas J. M. Kropp - Jacob Atar Livneh - James John Painter - Jannes and Jambres (see-Jannes and Jambres [pt 3]) - Jericho Anne Lykke - Jerusalem, Archaeology of Joseph Patrich - Jerusalem in Second Temple Literature Kenneth Atkinson - Jerusalem, The New Hugo Antonissen - Jesus Movement Anthony Le Donne and Joshua D. Garroway - Jesus of Nazareth Chris Keith - Jewelry Tziona Grossmark - Jewish-Christianity Joan E. Taylor - John the Baptist Stanley E. Porter - Jonathan Kenneth Atkinson - Joseph Harm W. Hollander - Josephus Steve Mason - Joshua (Jeshua) the High Priest Carol L. Meyers - Jotapata (Yodefat) Mordechai Aviam - Judah William Loader - Judaizing Steve Mason - Judas Maccabeus Arie van der Kooij - Judea Eitan Klein - Judgment Kim Papaioannou - Julius Caesar, Caius Richard A. Billows - Justin Martyr Oskar Skarsaune - Juvenal D. S. Levene - Kingdom of God Craig A. Evans - Kingship in Ancient Israel Anne Moore - Kingship in Second Temple Judaism Beth M. Stovell - Lamprias Rainer Hirsch-Luipold - Land, Concept of Michael Avioz - Latin Kenneth R. Jones - Latin Authors on Jews and Judaism Benjamin Isaac - Legal Texts (Qumran) Charlotte Hempel - Letter Writing Lutz Doering - Levi Christoph Berner - Leviathan Aleksander R. Michalak - Levites Harald Samuel - Literacy and Reading Catherine Hezser - Liturgical Works (see-Hymns, Prayers, and Psalms [pt ]) - Logos Matthew V. Novenson - Longinus (On the Sublime) James E. Bowley - Lubar, Mount Andrew Geist - Lysimachus of Alexandria Miriam Ben Zeev - Magdala (Taricheae) Jordan J. Ryan - Magic and Divination Matthias Reinhard Hoffmann - Magic Incantations and Bowls Siam Bhayro - Magical Papyri, Jewish Matthias Reinhard Hoffmann - Mara bar Serapion Ilaria Ramelli - Maresha (Maris--) Dov Gera - Marriage and Divorce Hannah K. Harrington - Martial Kathleen M. Coleman - Martyrdom Shmuel Shepkaru - Masada, Archaeology of J-rgen K. Zangenberg - Masada, History of Kenneth Atkinson - Masada, Texts from Hector M. Patmore - Meals Yonder Moynihan Gillihan - Mediator Figures Kevin P. Sullivan - Medicine and Hygiene Joan E. Taylor - Megasthenes Pat Wheatley - Megiddo Matthew J. Adams - Melchizedek Kasper Dalgaard - Meleager of Gadara Menahem Luz - Menorah Richard A. Freund - Merkabah Mysticism and Hekhalot Texts Rachel Elior - Mesopotamia, Media, and Babylonia Jon L. Berquist - Messiah Matthew V. Novenson - Messianism David Hamidovi-- - Metatron Felicia Waldman - Michael, the Archangel Darrell D. Hannah - Midrash Joshua Ezra Burns - Military, Jews in the Dov Gera - Miqva--ot (Ritual Baths) Stuart S. Miller - Miracles and Miracle Workers Erkki Koskenniemi - Mishmarot Helen R. Jacobus - Mnaseas of Patara Russell E. Gmirkin - Moiragenes of Athens Robert M. Berchman - Monotheism Kevin P. Sullivan - Moriah, Mount Isaac Kalimi - Mosaics Mark A. Chancey - Moses Michael Tuval - Moses Texts from Qumran Liora Goldman - Multilingualism Michael Owen Wise - Murabba--at, Wadi Michael Tuval - Music John Arthur Smith - Mystery Jean-S-bastien Rey - Mystery Religion, Judaism as Peter J. Haas - Mysticism (see-Merkabah Mysticism & - Hekhalot Texts [pt 4]) - Nabatea John F. Healey - Nag Hammadi Codices Antti Marjanen - Na--al --ever (Cave of Horrors and Cave of Letters) Richard A. Freund - Names and Naming Tal Ilan - Nazareth Richard A. Freund and Daniel M. Gurtner - Nebuchadnezzar Reinhard G. Kratz - Nehemiah Aaron Demsky - Nicolaus of Damascus Joseph Sievers - Noah Dorothy M. Peters - Novels Lawrence M. Wills - Oaths and Vows Yonder Moynihan Gillihan - Oenomaus of Gadara Menahem Luz - Oniads Dov Gera - Oral Performance and Text Rodney A. Werline - Ossuaries Martin Heide - Ostia Donald D. Binder - Paleo-Hebrew Scrolls Andr- Lemaire - Paleography, Hebrew and Aramaic Andr- Lemaire - Paleography, Greek Don Barker - Palestine Clayton Miles Lehmann - Palmyra John F. Healey - Papyri Peter Arzt-Grabner - Parthians Geoffrey Herman - Paul Albert L. A. Hogeterp - Penitential Prayer Rodney A. Werline - People of the Land (-Am ha--Are-) Yair Furstenberg - Persecution, Religious Sara Raup Johnson - Persian Period Jason M. Silverman - Persian Religion Prods Oktor Skjaervo - Persius Ilaria Ramelli - Pesharim Liora Goldman - Pharisees Roland Deines - Phinehas Don (Dongshin) Chang - Phoenicia Chris Seeman - Phoenix Kai Akagi - Phylacteries and Mezuzot Stephen Alan Reed - Pilgrimage Wolfgang Zwickel - Pliny the Elder Robert Kraft - Plutarch Rainer Hirsch-Luipold - Polybius David P. Moessner - Pompeius Trogus Katell Berthelot - Posidonius of Apamea David L. Balch - Pottery Daniel Schindler and Jennifer Gates-Foster - Priesthood Joachim Schaper - Private Dwellings in Roman Palestine Eyal Baruch - Procurators Luke Neubert - Prophecy Alex P. Jassen - Prophets, Texts Associated with Todd R. Hanneken - Proselytism (see-Conversion and Proselytism [pt 4]) - Pseudepigrapha, -Old Testament- Annette Yoshiko Reed - Pseudepigraphy Eva Mroczek - Ptolemies Johann Cook - Purification and Purity Christine E. Hayes - Quintilian Duane F. Watson - Qumran, Khirbet J-rgen K. Zangenberg - Rabbis (see-Sages [pt 4]) - Raphael Geoffrey David Miller - Repentance Michael D. Matlock - Resistance Movements Loren L. Johns - Restoration Michael E. Fuller - Resurrection Casey D. Elledge - Revolt, Maccabean (167-140 bce) Nadav Sharon - Revolt, First Jewish (66-73/74 ce) Mladen Popovic - Revolt, Second Jewish (Bar Kokhba Revolt; 132-136 ce) Menahem Mor - Rhodes Richard A. Freund - Righteousness and Justice Mark D. Mathews - Rights of Jews in the Roman World Miriam Ben Zeev - Roman Emperors David Potter - Roman Generals Brian Campbell - Roman Governors Christopher J. Fuhrmann - Roman Religion James B. Rives - Romanization Andrew B. Gallia - Rome Mark A. Chancey - Sabbath Ryan C. Stoner - Sacrifices and Offerings Robert Kugler - Sadducees Eyal Regev - Sages Meir Ben-Shahar - Salome Alexandra Kenneth Atkinson - Samaria Ingrid Hjelm - Samaria-Sebaste Eitan Klein - Samaritans Magnar Kartveit - Samaritanism Reinhard Pummer - Sanballat Jan Du-ek - Sanhedrin Kenneth D. Litwak - Sardis Margaret Williams - Satan and Related Figures Stefan Schreiber - Scribes and Scribalism Chris Keith - Scripts and Scribal Practices Mladen Popovi-- - Seals and Seal Impressions Oded Lipschits - Sectarianism Yonder Moynihan Gillihan - Seleucids Uriel Rappaport - Seneca Ilaria Ramelli - Sepphoris Zeev Weiss - Serpent James H. Charlesworth - Seth Alexander Toepel - Shechem (see-Gerizim, Mount [pt ]) - Sexuality Maxine Grossman - Shammai Paul Mandel - Sheshbazzar H. G. M. Williamson - Sicarii Mark Brighton - Sickness and Disease Bernd Kollmann - Simon Kenneth Atkinson - Sin Gary A. Anderson - Sinai, Mount Christoph Berner - Slavery John Byron - Slavonic Grant Macaskill - Solomon Albert L. A. Hogeterp - Son of God Craig A. Evans - Son of Man Benjamin E. Reynolds - Sons of God Christopher A. Rollston - Spirit, Holy John R. Levison - Stars Daniel Olson - Stone Vessels Roland Deines - Strabo Alessandro Galimberti - Suetonius Christopher J. Fuhrmann - Suffering Servant Leroy A. Huizenga - Sun and Moon Jason M. Silverman - Synagogues Anders Runesson - Syria G. Anthony Keddie - Syriac Naomi Koltun-Fromm - Tacitus Casey D. Elledge - Temple, Jerusalem Joseph Patrich - Temple, Leontopolis (Archaeology) Meron M. Piotrkowski - Temple, Leontopolis (Literature) Livia Capponi - Temple Tax Marius Heemstra - Tertullian Jeff W. Childers - Testaments Vered Hillel - Teucer of Cyzicus John Granger Cook - Text Types, Hebrew Ronald Hendel - Theaters Jeff Jay - Theodicy Miryam T. Brand - Theodotus Robert Doran - Theophrastus Jed Wyrick - Therapeutae Robert Hayward - Tiberias Oren Gutfeld - Tiberius Julius Alexander Ronald R. Cox - Timagenes Duane W. Roller - Tithing Naomi S. S. Jacobs - Tobiads Adam L. Porter - Tobiah Naomi S. S. Jacobs - Torah, Traditioning of Molly M. Zahn - Transjordan Gerald L. Mattingly - Tribute and Taxes Marius Heemstra - Universalism Gudrun Holtz - Uprisings, Diaspora (116-117 ce; Kitos War) Miriam Ben Zeev - Uriel Amsalu Tefera - Valerius Maximus Hans-Friedrich Mueller - Varro, Marcus Terentius Luke Neubert - Violence Alex P. Jassen - Virgil Katell Berthelot - Washing, Ritual (see-Purification and Purity [pt 4]) - Wealth and Poverty Mark D. Mathews - Wilderness Matthew Thiessen - Wisdom Literature John I. Kampen - Wisdom (Personified) Knut M. Heim - Women Cecilia Wass-n - Worship Daniel K. Falk - Writing Chris Keith - Yavneh Richard A. Freund - Yohanan Ben Zakkai Meir Ben-Shahar - Zadokites Robert Kugler - Zealots Lincoln H. Blumell and Haley Wilson-Lemmon - Zerubbabel Jason M. Silverman 
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