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Kevin Vanhoozer - First Theology: God, Scripture & Hermeneutics
This is a book about God and hermeneutics. It is a plea for being hermeneutical about theology, and for being theological about hermeneutics. To be precise: it is an argument for the importance of treating the questions of God, Scripture and hermeneutics as one problem. This one, admittedly complex problematic defines what I call "first theology.
" To engage in theological hermeneutics is to recognize the specifically theological application of the celebrated hermeneutical circle: "I must believe in order to understand, but I must understand in order to believe." Theological hermeneutics recognizes that our doctrine of God affects the way we interpret the Scriptures, while simultaneously acknowledging that our interpretation of Scripture affects our doctrine of God. Such is necessarily the case when theology is viewed as "God-centered biblical interpretation. "
We must not think about God-at least not for very long-apart from the authorized witness of Scripture. Similarly, we must not think about Scripture-again, at least not for very long-apart from its divine author and central subject matter. Nor must we think about hermeneutics--about interpreting Scripture-apart from Christian doctrine or biblical exegesis.

Vanhoozer, Kevin J. - First Theology: God, Scripture & Hermeneutics

IVP Academic, 2002. - 383 p.

Kevin Vanhoozer - First Theology: God, Scripture & Hermeneutics - Contents

Preface: First Thoughts
One. First Theology
Part One. God
  • Two. Does the Trinity Belong in a Theology of Religions?
  • Three. The Love of God
  • Four. Effectual Call or Causal Effect?
Part Two. Scripture
  • Five. God's Mighty Speech Acts
  • Six. From Speech Acts to Scripture Acts
  • Part Three. Hermeneutics
  • Seven. The Spirit of Understanding
  • Eight. The Reader at the Well
  • Nine. The Hermeneutics of I-Witness Testimony
  • Ten. Body Piercing, the Natural Sense & the Task of Theological Interpretation
  • Eleven. The World Well Staged?
  • Twelve. The Trials of Truth
Index of Names
Index of Subjects

Kevin Vanhoozer - First Theology: God, Scripture & Hermeneutics - Preface: First Thoughts

Ludwig Feuerbach, the influential nineteenth-century atheist, once summed up the progression of his thinking in the following manner: "God was my first thought, reason my second, man my third and last thought. "1 Feuerbach, of course, believed that "God" was actually a projection of what humans most value. Anthropology, says Feuerbach, is thus the "secret" of theology. That did not stop theologians, however, from imitating Feuerbach's progression from one starting point to another. Modern theologians in particular have been adept in talking about God on the basis of reason and human experience.

The present book starts where Feuerbach did, but seeks to keep God as our first thought. But how? When it comes to doing theology, God must be our first thought, Scripture our second thought, and hermeneutics our third and last thought. Yet matters are not really so simple, nor so linear. Doing theology involves all three thoughts, together and at once. This collection of essays represents numerous thoughts I have had over the years about what it means to do theology, about what it means to be biblical in one's theology and in one's life, about what it means to speak and to act in the name of God to God's glory.


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