Merrill - Kingdom of Priests

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Kingdom of Priests - Eugene Merrill

Eugene Merrill Kingdom of Priests. A HISTORY OF OLD TESTAMENT ISRAEL

Published by Baker Books a division of Baker Book House Company
P.O. Box 6287, Grand Rapids, MI 49516-6287
First hardcover edition published 1987
First paperback edition published 1996
Fourth printing, August 2001



Illustrations 9
Preface 11
Abbreviations 13
Introduction. The History of Israel and Historiography 15
Preliminary Considerations 15
Problems Faced in the Production of a Modem-Day History
of Ancient Israel 16
The Present Approach to the History of Israel 18

1. Origins 21
Israel at Moab 21
The Purpose of Torah 22
The Story of the Patriarchs 25

2. The Exodus: Birth of a Nation 57
The Meaning of the Exodus 57
The Historical Setting of the Exodus 58
The Date of the Exodus 66
The Dates and Length of the Egyptian Sojourn 75
Pa triarchal Chronology 78
The Wilderness Wandering 79

3. The Conquest and Occupation of Canaan 93
The Land as Promise Fulfilment 93
The Ancient Near Eastern World 94
The 'apiru and the Conquest 102
The Strategy of Joshua 108
The Date of Joshua's Conquest 119
The Campaign Against the Anakim 121
Alternative Models of the Conquest and Occupation 122
The Tribal Allotments 128
The Second Covenant Renewal at Shechem 138
4. The Era of the Judges:
Covenant Violation, Anarchy, and Human Authority 141
The Literary-critical Problem in Judges 141
The Chronology of Judges 146
The Ancient Near Eastern World 151
The Judges of Israel 158
The Bethlehem Trilogy 178
5. Saul: Covenant Misunderstanding 189
The Demand for Kingship 189
The Chronology of the Eleventh Century 192
The Selection of Saul 194
The First Challenge to Saul 199
The Decline of Saul 20 I
Theological Considerations 208
The Rise of David 211

6. David: Covenant Kingship 223
The Lack of Nationhood Before David 223
David at Hebron 228
Chronicles and Theological History 232
Jerusalem the Capital 234
The Establishment of David's Power 236
An Introduction to a Davidic Chronology 243

7. David: The Years of Struggle 249
Egypt and Israelite Independence 250
The Ammonite Wars 251
The Beginning of David's Domestic Troubles 260
Jerusalem as Cult Center 262
The Rebellion of Absalom 267
David's Efforts at Reconciliation 271
Additional Troubles 272
David's Plan for a Temple 273
The Solomonic Succession 278
The Davidic Bureaucracy 281

8. Solomon: From Pinnacle to Peril 285
Problems of Transition 285
The Failure of the Opposition to Solomon 288
The Conclave at Gibeon 290
International Relations 291
The Building Projects of Solomon 293
Cracks in the Solomonic Empire 298
Solomonic Statecraft 300
Spiritual and Moral Apostasy 310
Solomon and the Nature of Wisdom 312

9. The Divided Monarchy 315
The Roots of National Division 315
The Immediate Occasion of National Division 319
The Reign of Rehoboam 323
The Reign of Jeroboam 325
The Pressure of Surrounding Nations 329
Abijah of Judah 331
Asa of Judah 332
The Reemergence of Assyria 335
Nadab of Israel 337
The Dynasty of Baasha of Israel 337
Omrl of Israel 339
Jehoshaphat of Judah 341
Ahab of Israel 344
The Threat of Assyria 348
Ahab's Successors 349
The Anointing of Hazael of Damascus 352
Jehoram of Judah 353
The Anointing of Jehu 354

10. The Dynasty of Jehu and Contemporary Judah 357
The Reign of Jehu of Israel 357
AthaHah of Judah 359
The Role of Other Nations 360
Joash of Judah 363
Jehoahaz of Israel 366
The International Scene 367
Jehoash of Israel 369
Amaziah of Judah 370
Jeroboam II of Israel 373
Uzziah of Judah 375
The Ministry of the Prophets 378

11. The Rod of Yahweh: Assyria and Divine Wrath 391
Factors Leading to Israel's Fall 391
The End of the Dynasty of Jehu 392
Assyria and l1glath-pileser III 393
Menahem of Israel 395
The Last Days of Israel 396
The Impact of Sa maria 's Fall 399
Judah and the Fall of Sam aria 402
Hezekiah of Judah 409
The Viewpoint of the Prophets 420

12. Fading Hope: The Disintegration of Judah 431
The Legacy of Hezeldah 431
Manasseh of Judah 433
Amon of Judah 436
The International Scene: Assyria and Egypt 436
Josiah of Judah 441
The Fall of Jerusalem 446
The Prophetic Witness 453

13. The Exile and the First Return 469
An Introductory Overview 469
The World Situation During the Exile 475
The Jewish People During the Exile 481
The World Situation During the Period of Restoration 487
The First Return 491
Problems Following the Return 493
Encouragement from the Prophets 495
14. Restoration and New Hope 497
The Persian Influence 497
Subsequent Returns: Ezra and Nehemiah 502
Malachi the Prophet 514

Bibliography 517
Scripture Index 520
Subject Index 530



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