Jerome Biblical Commentary for the Twenty-First Century - Third Fully Revised Edition

The Jerome Biblical Commentary for the Twenty-First Century - Third Fully Revised Edition
The Jегоmе Biblical Commentary for the Twenty-First Century is а one-volume resource on the entire Вiblе produced bу an international team of Catholic scholars. lts purpose is to provide in-depth analysis and interpretation of the Scriptures from а Roman Catholic point of view for а broad audience: students of the Вiblе, clergy, religious, pastoral ministers, teachers, and lay readers who wish to explore the nature and meaning of Sacred Scripture in today's world.
We hope this volume will become а trusted resource for individuals who study and reflect on the Scriptures as а source of their own spiritual nourishment; for homilists and teachers seeking а deeper understanding of the biblical text in order to share its meaning with others; and as а resource for leaders and members of Вiblе study groups wanting to explore the Scriptures in depth.

This is the third generation of а resource that first appeared in 1968 as The Jerome Biblical Commentary and was thoroughly revised in 1 990 as The New Jerome Biblical Commentary. It is now our privilege for this unique Catholic resource to appear again, but this time not as а revision but as an entirely new composition, one we boldly propose as The Jerome Biblical Commentary for the Twenty-First Century.


The Jerome Biblical Commentary for the Twenty-First Century - Third Fully Revised Edition

Edited bу John J. Collins, Gina Hens-Piazza, Barbara Reid ОР, and Donald Senior СР
With а Foreword bу Роре Francis
Т&Т CLARK Bloomsbury Pubishiпg Plc
First published iп Great Britaiп 2022 - 2230 p.

ISBN: НВ: 978-1-4742-4885-3

The Jerome Biblical Commentary for the Twenty-First Century - Third Fully Revised Edition - Content

  • Foreword Роре Francis
  • Introduction Donald Senior, CP, Gina Hens-Piazza,Barbara Е. Red, ОР, and John J. Collins
  • Notes on Editors
  • Notes on Contributors
  • List of Abbreviations
Part One: Introductory Articles
  • Biblical Geography Leslie J. Норре, OFM
  • Archaeology and the Old Testament Jose Е. Balcells
  • Archaeology and the New Testament Laurie Brink, ОР
  • Israel and Judah: History and Society Peter Dubovskj, SJ
  • Judaism in the Time of Jesus John J. Collins
  • The Historical Jesus John P. Meier
  • Early Christianity in Context Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ
Part Two: The Old Testament
  • Introduction to the Pentateuch Dominik Markl, SJ
  • Genesis Mark S. Smith
  • Exodus Barbara Green, ОР
  • Leviticus Thomas Hieke
  • Numbers Dale Launderville, OSB
  • Deuteronomy Don С Benjamin
  • Introduction to the Historical Books Peter Dubovskj,SJ
  • Joshua Dermot Nestor
  • Judges Mahri Leonard-Fleckman
  • Ruth Gina Hens-Piazza
  • 1 Samuel David А. Bosworth
  • 2 Samuel Antony F. Campbell, SJf, with assistancefrom Mark O'Brien, ОР
  • 1 Kings Andrew R. Davis
  • 2 Kings Garrett Galvin, OFM
  • 1 and 2 Chronicles RichardJ. Bautch
  • Ezra-Nehemiah David G. Мопасо, СР
  • Tobit John С Endres, SJ
  • Judith Toni Craven, revised and updated by John J.Collins
  • Esther Irene Nowell, OSB
  • 1 and 2 Maccabees Robert Doran
  • Job John J. Collins and Rebecca Raphael
  • Psalms Konrad Schaefer, OSB
  • Introduction to the Wisdom Literature
  • John L.McLaughlin
  • Proverbs С. Т. Robert Hayward
  • Ecclesiastes Juana L. Manzo
  • Song of Songs Dianne Bergant, CSA
  • Wisdom of Solomon Karina Martin Hogan
  • Sirach Jeremy Corley
  • Introduction to the Prophetic Literature Gina Hens-Piazza
  • Isaiah Mary Mills, SHCJ
  • Second Isaiah Richard J. Clifford, SJ
  • Third Isaiah Carol J. Dempsey, ОР
  • Jeremiah Benedetta Rossi, MDM
  • Lamentations Ahida Calderon Pilarski
  • Baruch Nuria Calduch-Benages
  • Old Testament Apocalypticism and Eschatology John J.Collins
  • Ezekiel Раи1 M. Joyce
  • Daniel Molly M. Zahn
  • Hosea David Penchansky
  • Joel Stacy Davis
  • Obadiah Victor Zhuk, SJ
  • Amos John L. McLaughlin
  • Jonah Claire Mathews McGinnis
  • Micah Dominic S. frudayaraj, SJ
  • Zephaniah Emmanuel Nshimbi, SJ, and Michael R.
  • Simone, SJ
  • Nahum Michael R. Simone, SJ
  • Habakkuk Harry P. Nasuti, ОР
  • Haggai Luma А. Khudher, ОР
  • Zechariah John Robert Barker, OFM
  • Malachi Katherine Hayes
Part Three: The New Testament
  • From Jesus to the Second-Century Apostolic Church: The Earliest Reception History of the New Testament Writings Joseph Verheyden
  • Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels Ronald D. Witherup, PSS
  • Matthew Ian Boxall
  • Mark Stephen P. Ahearne-Kroll
  • Luke Michael Patella, OSB
  • Introduction to the Johannine Literature Mary L. Coloe,PBVM
  • John Urban C. von Wahlde
  • Acts vanThanh Nguyen, SVD
  • Introduction to the New Testament Letters Thomas H.Tobin, SJf
  • Romans Sheila Е. McGinn
  • 1 Corinthians Alan C. Mitchell
  • 2 Corinthians Maria Pascuzzi, CSJ, SSI, STD
  • Galatians Vincent Branick
  • The Letter to the Ephesians John Gillman
  • The Letter to the Philippians Pheme Perkins
  • The Letter to the Colossians Patricia M. McDonald, SHCJ
  • 1 Thessalonians Raymond F. Collins
  • 2 Thessalonians Scott N. Brodeur, SJ
  • 1 Timothy Henry Wansbrough, OSB
  • 2 Timothy Benedict Thomas Viviano, ОР
  • Titus Margaret Y. MacDonald
  • The Letter to Philemon Fearghus О Fearghail
  • The Letter to the Hebrews Harold W. Attridge
  • James Patrick J. Hartin
  • 1 Peter Sherri Brown
  • 2 Peter Terrance Callan
  • The Letters of John Francis J. Moloney, SDB
  • Jude Florence Morgan Gillman
  • Revelation Adela Yarbro Collins
Interpreting the Scriptures: The Church and the Modem Catholic Biblical Renewal DonaldSenior, СР
The Bible as Sacred Scripture: Revelation, Inspiration, Canon Denis Farkasfalvy, OCistt
The Bible and Contemporary Catholicism
  • Feminist Biblical Interpretation Barbara Е. Reid, ОР
  • The Bible and Social Justice Carol Dempsey, ОР
  • Literary Approaches to the Bible Jean Frangois Racine and Gina Hens-Piazza
The Bible and Contexts: Multiple Voices
  • African and African American Bibical Interpretation Stacy Davis
  • Latinx Biblical Interpretation Francisco LozadaJr.
  • Asian American Approaches to the Bible Seung Ai Yang and Sunhee Jun
The Вiblе and the Life of the Church
  • The Bible in the Life of the Church Frank J. Matera
  • The Bible and Liturgy Guerric DeBona, OSB, and Eileen Schuller, OSU
  • The Bible and Ethics James F. Кеепап, SJ
  • Ecumenism, Interreligious Relations, and the Bible Mary C. Boys, SNJM
Part Four: General Articles The Bibe and Catholic Tradition
  • "According to the Scriptures": Biblical Interpretation Prior to Bernard McGinn with Susan Е. Schreiner


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